Your guide to Organic baby clothing

Q: ORGANIC FARMING, what is it?

A: Explained simply, organic farming is a way of producing crops that are fresh and authentic while respecting the natural life-cycle systems. We say respecting the natural life-cycle systems because the farmers follow a number of objectives and principles in their common practices to ensure that the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible. 

These typically include:

  • Very strict limits on chemical synthetic pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use, food additives and processing aids.
  • Absolute prohibition to the use of genetically modified components/organisms
  • Using natural fertilizers like locally produced manure
  • Responsible use of energy and natural resources
  • Maintenance of biodiversity
  • Enhancement of soil fertility through natural ways
  • Maintenance of water quality
  • Promoting animal health and welfare
  • Rotation of crops to use on-site resources efficiently
  • Land used for agriculture should be clean and free of chemicals for a long time. 
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    Q: ORGANIC PRODUCTS, what are they?

    A: Organic products then, simply mean that they were produced/obtained using organic farming or organic methods of production. The term organic when applied to a crop is very specific. It means that the crop is free of certain conventional fertilizers, pesticide and is entirely free of any genetically modified organisms, which is usually not the case with non-organic products. There are various organizations that prescribe many guidelines that need to be followed in order to term a product organic. Regular checks and certificate renewals ensure quality and safety of the produce.

    Q: Why Should I buy an Organic product?


    • Efficient use of Natural Resources:

    Unlike conventional methods, there are various practices that are followed in organic farming that enable farmers to use water more efficiently and effectively.

  • Promote Healthy Soil:
      • Organic farming is done only on healthy soil that has been free of harsh chemical for a long time. This helps in maintaining the land and prevents constant top-soil erosion.
  • Conserve Energy:
      • Organic farming involves labor-intensive works and reduces the use of machines
  • Support the Farmers:
      • Organic Farming is a good practice; you should support it and help preserve the nature.
  • Healthier:
    • Lesser chemicals, less risk. Healthy food, healthy you.

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