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Handmade with Love.

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  • All our products are made in Organic Cotton and are gentle on your baby's skin.
  • Super Soft. Super Comfy. Incredibly Cool.

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Stays cool all night

Organic and eco - friendly

Softer than normal cotton

Naturally anti - bacterial

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Nurtured under the leadership of some highly skilled business individuals, berrytree has captured the imagination of young parents across India. With its unique offerings in several segments related to kids, berrytree has something for every age group.

Our ingrained belief in the ‘Organic Way of Life’ enabled us to look for the best available Organic Cotton fabrics, which we rightfully developed into garments. It is through constant correction, implementation of right practices and methodical communications, we are able to produce award-winning products that are worn and adorned by young citizens of the world.

All berrytree products are made by hand, by craftsmen who understand the value of Organic Cotton and are highly skilled to control its vulnerability. We ensure the usage of controlled practices at our partnered workplaces and engage with them to promote various social objectives such as cleanliness and education.

Today, berrytree products can be seen across various cities and towns and nothing gives us more pleasure than watching a young millennial wear Organic cotton products.

Parents have showered their love and have made us the most trusted name online. We hope to continue this trend while reaching out to an even larger audience through you.

Our aim is to brighten the prospects of 'Organic Cotton' kids wear in India and we look forward to serving you to the best of our capabilities.

Join us in making this world a better place.

Let's spread love, organically.