About Us

At berrytree, we make amazing things for your babies! Things that are Clean. Safe. Easy to use and most importantly, Organic. We believe in building products that will help your child grow, or just have a good time using it, without having to worry about its harmful effects.


We believe in Simplicity:

Parenting is a daunting task, and today you’re overwhelmed with a plethora of options around the market. What you buy for your baby should only be your decision, and we help you take that decision wisely. We create simple products that are useful and inexpensive. They are visually appealing and at the same time don’t have any adverse effect on the environment. They will last long and give you full value for your buck.


We believe in Safety:

All our products are as natural as they can be. No harmful chemicals, No GMOs, No external dirt and absolutely no plastic. Your kids are safe with us.

We’re sassy!

All our styles are vibrant, visually appealing, colorful and in-trend. We spend a lot of time in fine-tuning our work to make it all of the above. We’ve been known to make stuff that can be used throughout the year and be even transferred to younger siblings. Berrytree never goes out of style. Believe us when we say it 


We’re Young!

Started as a babyfood startup, we’ve come quite a long way in just a short while. Today, we have an extensive list of products especially designed for your kids. We haven’t forgotten our core values – To be as organic as possible, and your trust in us has kept us afloat. Thank you!

We’re Yours!

Over the past few months, we’ve enjoyed your support and seek to continue this bond for long. Every 4th order we receive, is from a returning customer. Isn’t that amazing?!
Let's spread love. Organically.

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