Things to Know About How to Care for a Premature Baby

The birth of a baby is nature at its finest. It is a majestic way for the species to carry forward their stories, legacies, and generations. While many babies are born healthy and on time, premature delivery of babies is a common phenomenon.

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Caring for a premature baby is very different from caring for a fully-developed newborn. Premature babies require special care and have a different set of requirements. First, preemie babies are very delicate. A premature baby’s weight is lesser than a fully developed newborn’s weight. Their body is not fully grown and they are extremely fragile.


Premature baby care requires a lot of dedication and hard work initially. That is also a reason why many premature babies are kept on incubators for some time after their birth in an environment that fosters growth. Premature baby clothes are also different from traditional baby clothes.


While a parent always wants the best for their baby, clothes for premature babies should ideally be made of organic cotton and be very gentle on the skin. Doctors restrict human contact with premature babies because they need a germ-free environment to grow in. Organic premature baby clothes are naturally germ-free and keep your little one safe.


Premature babies require special care when it comes to their everyday life and well-being. Preemie babies require more attention to detail when it comes to their health as they are very sensitive to allergens and things that are not pure. Organic cotton clothing for premature babies is hypoallergenic and keeps the baby’s skin safe from rashes.


It is important to understand the pulse of your preemie as they are still not as good as timely-borns in showing emotions. A parent needs to be able to read their little one like their favourite book. Premature babies have weaker immunity as their systems are still developing. To ensure that your premature baby’s development is healthy and holistic, keeping a doctor-on-call is a good decision.


One of the first things a parent can do is develop a premature baby care plan to effectively care for their little one. It is also important to understand that a premature baby’s brain is still developing as compared to an infant, thus, it is important to keep loud sounds, lights, and sudden movement to a minimum. Although, keeping such drastic sensory inputs to a minimum is good for all newborns including preemies.


Another important thing for a new preemie parent to know is that premature babies sleep a lot. The more they sleep, the more they grow. It is important that the premature clothing you buy for your baby is comfortable and can be worn for long hours since they’ll be sleeping in it for long hours.


While a healthy premature baby grows quick, clothes for premature babies are an investment since your little one will live in them during his first few days on Earth. How majestic is that!


A great way to keep your preemie healthy and thriving is investing in high-quality clothing for them. Our organic cotton clothes for premature babies are germ-free, toxic-free, ultra-soft, and super cute.