Taking Care Of A Premature Baby: 10 Best Tips

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Parents are wrong when they think that taking care of a premature baby is a daunting task. To be honest, it is not very different than how you prepared yourself to take care of the newborn. The premature baby gets to see more things than a normal baby would have which means you do have more responsibilities. Many parents tend to confine themselves to the home while taking care of a premature baby. Well, it is up to you to adjust so that you can provide the baby with the extra care that he or she needs. All you need to understand is the fact that a premature baby is different than a full-term baby would be and hence requires special care. The tips shared here make your life easier as you start caring for premature baby:

The Temperature: The temperature plays a big role in developing the premature baby’s sustenance. You are advised to keep the temperature comfortable. Many parents consider using vest, sleepsuit and blankets in order to keep the baby at his or her comfortable temperature. Depending on the baby, you can always remove the items mentioned above one by one. Your doctor should be able to help you with your question regarding the correct temperature. Many babies tend to get cold very quickly whereas many stay warm.

Make Sure the Baby Sleeps: Many premature babies don’t sleep enough compared to their parents’  expectation. One of the most important aspect of premature baby care: 7 tips for new parents is that he or she must have good sleep hygiene created around him or her. As a parent, you can consider keeping the environment silent and dim in order to help your baby sleep. Smaller premature babies require multiple feedings which makes prolonged sleeping difficult.

Be Aware of the Cot Death: Coth Death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is observed among the healthy babies. This usually happens during the first six months. Since premature babies are more prone to be a victim of Cot Death, you must adhere to a number of rules. Make sure that your baby is sleeping on his or her back as opposed to any other position. Refrain from smoking inside the home. Besides using lightweight blankets, consider keeping the baby in a crib but inside your room, at least for the first few months. No matter how exhausted you are, you are not supposed to fall asleep on the bed with the baby in your hand.

Washing the Baby: Depending on the level of prematurity, your pediatrician will advise you regarding the wash you need to perform. However, most of babies just do fine with plain water for the first six months. Ensure that you are using water along with soft wool while changing the nappy.

Top and Tail Wash: Premature babies usually are not supposed to go through a full wash. Instead of giving him or her a bath, you can simply wash the face, neck and the bottom with lukewarm water and cotton balls.

No Wet Skin: Wet skin is the reason behind babies falling victim to cold. After bathing, the baby tends to lose body heat which he or she could have used to stay warm. So, be sure to wash the baby in slightly warm place. Wrap the baby immediately with a towel at the end of the wash. This is indeed one of the most crucial 10 tips to take care of premature baby at home.

Following the Feeding Cue: Depending on the condition, premature babies need response to their feeding cues. You can work on the timing as well as quantity with time. Premature babies are usually able to eat 8-12 times a day.

Keep the Surroundings Clean: It is advised that you keep the surroundings in your home as clean as possible. Since the baby’s immune system is not completely developed, he or she needs extra protection. Make sure to wash your hands before taking the baby in your laps.

Dry Skin: Refrain from using any kind of moisturisers in case your baby has a dry skin. You are recommended to consult the pediatrician regarding the same, However, with time, you will be able to use baby products that are not harsh and have been specially manufactured for babies.

Never Compare: A premature baby doesn’t develop in no time and you should not compare under any circumstances. If a baby is born six weeks before the date, he or she needs that six weeks to develop completely. You need to keep reminding this to yourself as you feed or take care of the baby.


Written by Urvashi Newar


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