Baby not gaining weight? Here's what you can do. Tips & Suggestions.

How to Increase Baby Weight

There could not be any better food than mother’s milk.

However, it is important to remember that on your expedition of how to increase your baby weight, your aim should be to ensure a balanced diet which provides your child with all the nutrition that he/she needs, to grow and stay healthy. A varied diet ensures enough nutrients, various vitamins, and all the minerals that are required for the overall development of his/her brain and physique and also helps parents understand how to increase baby weight. 

One of the reasons behind the stagnant weight of a baby could be the genetic constitution of the underweight child’s parents. If both the parents are of a lean physique, there could be possibilities for the baby’s low weight. Metabolism also plays an important part in a child’s normal baby weight gain pattern.The average newborn baby weight is around 3.5 kg (7.5 lb), although 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) to 4.5 kg (10 lb) is considered as normal baby weight. The weight of a baby boy is usually a little heavier than a baby girl. So, before we tell you about the food and tips that helps baby to gain weight, let’s learn about baby weight chart by month:

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Baby Weight Chart by Month

2 month baby weight

5.1-5.6 Kgs

3 months baby weight

5.8-6.4 Kgs

4 month baby weight

6.4-7.0 Kgs

5 month baby weight

6.9-7.5 Kgs

7 month baby weight

7.6-8.3 Kgs

8 month baby weight

7.9-8.6 Kgs

9 month baby weight

8.2-8.9 Kgs

10 month baby weight

8.5-9.2 Kgs


Baby Weight Gain Food - Foods that store the secret of how to increase baby weight 

Some wholesome baby weight gain food that ensures the proper growth of the baby:


This potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and carbohydrates rich fruit is also loaded with calories, making it a great food for your baby to eat to gain weight. It can be a part of your baby bag while travelling and makes for a convenient snack.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are nutritious, easy to digest, and healthy super foods. They are also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, copper, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese, the best nutrients that help kids gain weight. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with dietary fibre. 


Pulses are full of nutrients. They are packed with proteins, magnesium, calcium, iron, fibre, and potassium. After 6 months of age, you can introduce dals in your how to increase baby weight chart in the form of soup, one of the most popular weight gain drinks for children.

Cook pulses with rice and/or vegetables for a nutritious and fibre-rich meal.


Ghee or clarified butter has high nutritional value. Introduce it around the 8th month of your baby’s life. A few drops of ghee can be added to porridge or sprinkled on top of mashed food, khichadi or daal soup. It is a great food to tackle your question of how to increase your baby weight in a healthy way.

Weight Gain Food

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These powerhouses of protein should be introduced to your baby after he/she turns one. Eggs are rich in saturated fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Care should be taken to check for allergies and to procure good quality, disease-free farm eggs to avoid health issues. 


Chicken is a rich source of easily digestible protein. Easily available and affordable, it helps your child build muscle mass and thus, gain healthy weight. Chicken is a versatile meal option that can be served with any curries, as kebabs, or in salads as well. For parents who want to know how to increase baby weight in toddlers, chicken broth with softened shredded chicken is the perfect way to serve it to your little one.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Rich in natural sugars, essential vitamins, and immunity-building minerals, tropical fruits and vegetables are a must in every diet chart for an increase in baby’s weight. These include papaya, mangoes, berries and pineapples. 

Healthy Eating Habits for Babies

Here are a few tips the addition of which in your list of how to increase baby weight would do wonders:

  • Ensure that the child gets adequate exercise and indulges in physical activities so that the baby’s appetite is healthy.
  • Focus on providing a healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious diet and not just concentrate on weight gain.
  • As the child grows, introduce her to active sports such as swimming, cycling, etc. Active participation in sports will help her work up an appetite and also help develop her physique.

The initial years of life are important to build healthy eating habits in kids. Healthy habits introduced at this stage tend to stay for life. The association of healthy eating habits with an adequate amount of physical exercise helps you ensure that your kids are active and get enough time to play, especially out in the sun. This helps in the formation of a healthy immune system and ensures fewer doctor visits.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal thoughts of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.