Organic Brands In India: The Berrytree Story Stage 3 And 4

Being a true Organic Brand in India comes with a great set of challenges, as not many brands function in the most organic way and it is still a newer process being adopted in the Indian markets. We are used to getting many resources at a cheaper rate and we tend to overuse them and sometimes even waste a large part of them in our quest to achieve the best results.
The team at berrytree realizes this and works continuously to shift away from traditional practices to a more modern approach that involves utilization of resources in the best way possible. The key being, to be less affective to the environment and become a true organic brand in India that can set examples for future companies to follow.

Berrytree: Our Organic Brands in India Processing

How they do it in their procurement and manufacturing process has already been discussed in the previous blog, how they take it further to the selling, packaging and transportation is what will be stressed upon here.
Berrytree prides itself in being the only organic brand in India that used only Internet to reach out to its customers and make a sale. How this makes them preserve the environment is something to think about. Imagine an offline brand, that uses a lot of brochures, marketing materials, standees, boxes, bags etc. to make themselves popular and come into the consumer’s eyes. Now compare that to berrytree. They do all these things, but on the internet, so there is no printing of paper, no sticking of banners, no artificial standees at shops, no hassle of transporting goods from one warehouse to several shops, no billings on paper and absolutely no use of plastic whatsoever. In such a scenario, “we at berrytree end up saving on a lot of essential resources that can be preserved for our future generations and help us becoming more nature friendly” – says a proud member of the berrytree family.
Most of your clothes that you buy are packed in big plastic bags that have little or no use after they have been bought, many companies tend to layer their products 2-3 times in plastic or bubble wraps just so that their products do not get damaged in transit. At berrytree, they use the best grade plastic available for packaging and only use it once. This bag does not lose its shape of shine and can be recycled to be used for other things. Further, their products are then packaged in natural ‘kraft’ paper bags that are eco-friendly and they encourage you to recycle them too.
Because of their direct selling to the consumer, they are able to reduce the transportation cycle of sending the products from their warehouse to a shop or someone else’s ware house. This impacts the environment greatly when done at a larger scale. The number of trucks, the amout of fuel, the manpower and the toxic pollution caused by this is reduced to almost 0. Extending this, their delivery boys only use natural gas powered vehicles that do not emit harmful gases. Making this process truly organic.
So next time, when you’re searching for that great ‘Organic Brands in India, you must first establish the ground rules of what being an organic brand truly means and you will know that berrytree is on top of that list!

Happy Shopping to you!
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps