Welcome The Autumn With: Organic Cotton Kidswear

The Monsoon Is Here!

With an outset of rains in the country; the demand for comfortable clothing has gone up. Not only that, fabrics like Organic cotton, Bamboo, Linen each one of them is amongst the highest demanded product. Rains are the most wonderful thing as they bring in refreshing weather as well as the outset of a comfortable season. But if you have a young kid at home, you need to re-shuffle their wardrobe in order to get them into their comfort zone. Here is an ideal pattern how can you design your kid's wardrobe with Organic cotton kidswear during this rainy season.

What makes a perfect Rain Wardrobe?
Neutral light prints and colors.
Less reliability on brand.
More reliability on comfort clothes.
Comfort at its best.
Natural materials.

Must Have organic cotton kidswear For Your Child’s Wardrobe:


Though a range of cotton kids wear are available on Berrytree to choose from, still I prefer having the following range of clothing in my daughter’s capsule almariah for rains. As fabrics like Organic cotton and Bamboo are really skin-friendly.
Sweatshirts and Hoodies:
After summers, the winters start along with a cool breeze of fresh air. So the very first task which a mother prefers is assembling the child’s wardrobe. Thus, sweatshirts or hoodies are considered as a one-stop solution.
Long Sleeve Shirts:
It is important to wear long sleeve shirts instead of choosing something else. As we all know kids prefer outdoor games instead of sitting inside. Thus to save your children from mosquito bites or other disorders, it's better to wear long sleeve shirts.
4-5 Short Sleeve or Tank Shirts:
Preferring 4-5 tank shirts are worthy if your kids prefer games indoors. Through this, they will experience a moderate climate and can play comfortably. You will find a large variety of Organic cotton clothing when searching for short sleeve shirts.
4-5 Shorts:
organic cotton kidswear with simple prints or in multiple colors is in high demand. As they are comfortable and kids find it flexible when playing.
6-8 Pairs of Innerwear:
Keeping at least 6-8 pairs of undergarments in the wardrobe is essential. Some extra undergarments always come in handy.
4-6 Pairs of Socks:
Stocking up on the socks is necessary as well. You can search the large variety of options in organic cotton kidswear.
2 Pairs of Pyjamas:
You can either prefer organic cotton kidswear or pyjamas at home. Pyjamas make children feel more comfortable both in the house and outside.
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps