Mama’s Guide To Dress Up With Baby Summer Clothes In The Summer

Your baby’s first summer should be a memorable one, especially if your little one has hit the six-month benchmark! You can finally take them out of the house to a park and introduce your curious little angel to the world. Then, the question arises “How do I dress up my little one so that they are comfortable, happy, safe and they look cute?”. The easy answer is that no matter what you decide to dress you choose to put your baby in, they will look really adorable, but that doesn’t mean that you put them in a cat costume on a hot summery day. It is essential to choose the best baby summer clothes for your little one to look good and feel good. 

Here’s the real answer to that question: when it comes to baby summer clothes, think Organic Cotton. Ordinary cotton is grown using high levels of pesticides and chemicals that are imbibed into the cotton as it grows. The chemicals and dyes used to make the cotton clothing have the potential to cause everything from skin allergies to asthma and even more serious diseases. Organic cotton is a fabric that grown in a chemical-free environment. Thus, organic cotton baby summer clothes are free from all the health problems that ordinary cotton may carry. Baby summer clothes made with organic cotton have nickel-free snaps or buttons made from nuts, which are hypoallergenic, making these baby summer clothes the safest choice for little ones. 

Another way to ensure that your little one is protected during the summer is to layer less clothing in order to let their skin breathe. Infants don’t sweat in the same as adults do, their body has a tough time regulating temperatures, so it is important that they don’t sweat too much. So layer lesser and more breathable baby summer clothing to keep your angel safe. Sweat also causes rashes and skin allergies. So, the lesser they sweat the more comfortable they are and the longer you and your baby can stay out. 

Washing baby Clothes

Hats are a saviour in hot weather. Cotton hats or rimmed caps make your baby look adorable and protects them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While they are in the stroller make sure to use the canopy to protect their skin from heat damage. Sunscreen that is dermatologically tested and is approved for babies, usually SPF 30 to 55, that is chemical-free, is considered safe for babies. 

Lastly, here are some organic cotton baby onesies that are best suited as baby summer clothes from our own collection:

    • This subtle yet beautiful light pink and grey Peter Pan onesie makes for perfect baby summer clothes wardrobe. This beautiful onesie gives a stylish and comfortable fit. It is made with handcrafted organic cotton which makes it breathable and soft. The fabric is naturally germ-free. This pleasant onesie is the ideal everyday outfit which is cute and keeps your baby cool. This onesie is gender-neutral and can be worn by boys and girls alike, because who says pink is only for girls? It is durable and lasts multiple washes when washed with a mild soap. Get this awesome BerryTree Organic Cotton Baby Onesie Peter Pan Pink today!
    • This captivating onesie with a unicorn pattern is an awesome addition to your child’s wardrobe. This will totally become your kid’s go-to baby summer clothes. It’s handcrafted with organic cotton that makes it hypoallergenic, soft and cosy. Its comfortable fit makes for easy movement of your baby, so watch them learn how to crawl and move around. This onesie is wide at the bottom with easy-to-open buttons that makes for easy diapering. This baby summer clothes essential requires minimal effort while cleaning it, you can clean it thoroughly with either a washing machine or hand-wash it with a mild soap. Check out this adorable BerryTree Organic Cotton Baby Onesie Unicorns here! 
    • These plain and simple white dungarees are a closet staple for every baby summer clothes need. This Dungaree may seem plain on the outside but it has been uniquely designed to keep your baby cool throughout the day. It also makes for a great piece to layer outfits on as this dungaree acts as a base which you can add layers to with different colours and designs. It’s made with the highest quality organic cotton which gives it a cosy and comfortable fit and makes it naturally germ-free. Get this BerryTree Organi Cotton White Dungree here. 


  • Lastly, here’s this mid-sleeve onesie that is meant for one of the cooler days in summer. It’ll make for your baby’s everyday staple clothing during summertime. Don’t worry about getting stains on this beautiful white onesie as it easy to wash with either a washing machine or hand-wash with a mild soap. It is made with organic cotton that provides a breathable and comfortable fit with its hypoallergenic properties. Get this cute and adorable kimono-style BerryTree Organic Cotton Cars Onesie here.