Tips For Washing Baby Clothes

Are you a first-time mom who’s excited about her baby’s arrival but is slightly worried about the changes it will bring? We’re sure you’ve got a list of the do’s and don’ts from all your friends/relatives but may have missed out on an essential part. It’s how to wash baby clothes!

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Yes, we’re talking about tips and tricks this week, and this one has all you need Tips for washing baby clothes on a daily basis. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your average dose of mommy laughter, it's serious and needs to be handled properly. However, the tips are easy and doable, once you learn, you’ll have no troubles and can even train your help to take this load off from you.

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Some Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

First things first, we know that babies go through several diaper/nappy changes throughout the day and will have all sorts of smells lingering on them. We recommend you build a strong supply chain. Have at least 10-15 nappies on standby each day, so you can collect all the used ones together and laundry them in one go without worrying about the drying time.

Secondly, where you collect your soiled baby clothes is as important too! Keep the buckets separate, we suggest a separate for colors a separate basket for whites. This will help in reducing your work of sorting later. Also, don’t forget to have a lid for these baskets/buckets. You will thank us for it.

Thirdly, when it comes to washing, or choosing a detergent, take a trip to the market and ask your shopkeeper for mild detergent. These days, there are many options and brands to choose from, don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks and choose the most expensive one, use your mind and look around for better options. There are plenty of amazing Indian baby detergents and you don’t necessarily need to opt for the imported ones. Some brands have a dedicated detergent for baby wear and are colour-specific too. You may even end up finding some organic baby detergents. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the availability and the cost. You will need to re-stock them regularly and availability should be the least of your worries.

How to Wash Baby Clothes

How to Wash Baby Clothes

When you’ve chosen the detergent, follow its instructions at the back and soak your baby clothes in them accordingly. We insist that you only use your baby detergents on your baby’s clothes and not mix them with regular clothes, nor should you mix the regular detergents at home with your baby clothes detergents. The reason is that our skin is less sensitive, and our detergents are stronger than the babies.

Fourthly, once your baby clothes are washed and are ready to be dried, it can be tempting to use the dryer in your machines to save time. However, we suggest that you squeeze out the water manually and allow the baby’s clothes to dry under the sunlight for a bit. This will kill all the bacteria and germs and will dry out the garments thoroughly.

That’s it for now, take care of yourselves and be sure to get enough sleep.

Happy Parenting to You!