How To Dress Baby In Winter - Tips For Mothers

The sweaty and sultry summer months are gone and now the winter season is soon to start. The chilly weather , brings with it, a slew of illnesses, and for your little one, whose immunity is still building up, it is even more important that they dress up right for the season, lest their catch their first ever cold and have sleepless nights. Here are some tips to how to dress baby in winter and how to keep your baby warm all winter.

Tips How To Dress Baby In Winter

Dressing your baby for winter

Winter is certainly a better time of the year, when the weather is pleasant in most places in India. Temperatures drop and it is the best time to take your tiny tot for a walk or even for a short drive. But, they are also new to this season and need all the protection they can get, to keep them warm and comfy. Here are a few suggestions to do just that:

Selecting the right kind of cloth fabric

As a parent, you might be under the impression that cotton is the fabric for all times and all seasons. This is not true. Sure, cotton clothes are lighter and are more airy, but that is not what we want for our baby in the winter. This is the time when babies should be kept warm and thermal clothes suits the best during this season.  Woolen clothes are also a good buy for this season; they keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Dress them up in layers

So, how to dress baby in winter? We wear layers of clothes, depending on the weather in our town. Follow the same with your baby, but at the same time make sure they are comfortable in it. Another advantage with wearing layers of clothes is that, even if the temperature fluctuates, you can keep adding or removing layers according to the weather.

Load up when going outdoors

Before heading out, you need to dress your baby properly. If you are going for a drive, you possibly cannot dress them in innumerable layers of clothes as then, they cannot fit into the car seat. Dress them in thicker clothes instead.
Also, make sure they are wearing socks, hand mittens and also a cap – all these either in thermal or wool. You also get ear plugs these days for babies, to ensure that cold wind does not bother their ears, which are also very sensitive.

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