Superfoods to Keep your Baby Healthy this Winter

Winter season brings in the looming threat of common cold in babies. The best way to help your baby to fight it and build up their immunity is to give them foods that would keep them warm. Your little one needs nourishing and wholesome food during their growing years. Some seasons, like winters, can be especially tough on your child. So, give them food to build strength and increase their growth. Some Indian food items can be especially nutritious for your baby in the winter. In this article, we break down some easy recipes and superfoods that you can include in winter diet for babies using locally sourced ingredients. 

In the harsh winter season, most babies have a hard time because their immunity is, of course, low. To help build your baby's immunity, use fresh produce and homemade recipes to make some winter food for babies at home. 

Our top picks for Winter Superfoods for babies: 



Garlic can be very useful in the prevention of cold and flu. As per research, garlic not only prevents one from becoming ill, it also decreases the severity of symptoms. If you are a frequent victim of colds and flu, consuming garlic regularly will keep you from getting sick. This happens because the garlic is filled with allicin which releases a strong antioxidant that helps to protect the body free from infection from the widespread common cold. Babies may not be able to swallow a raw garlic bud, but garlic dips and garlic bread are a perfect way to entice them.


Bajra is a popular choice for the winter seasons it is a superfood for babies that is full of fibre and potassium. It is also gluten-free, it can be eaten by those who cannot eat wheat flour. Bajra is also a wonderful source of Omega-3 and iron. You can make chapatis, uttapam, dalia, and even khichdi with this marvellous crop. Bajra is also a rich source of iron and has moderate amounts of calcium. 


Dates have a lot of health benefits for children. Dates, besides being sweet and yummy, contain many essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium. The winter dates help keep the body warm. Give them a whole snack or add one to their smoothies! Dates have a significant amount of fibre that is important to overall health. They are rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids. Such potent antioxidants help reduce the risk of the common cold and promote the health of the heart. You can also add dates to sides or even make healthy date syrup that can be added to pancakes, smoothies and desserts.


Jaggery adds a new flavour to every sweet dish and is a great aid to cough when consumed with ginger. Not only is jaggery much healthier than sugar, but it also keeps you warm during the cold winter months. Besides being an all-rounder, jaggery is also known to be beneficial for throat problems. It reduces irritation in the throat by creating a soothing layer on the inside of the throat and reduces dryness. It dilates the blood vessels in the area and improves blood flow, creating warmth in the respiratory tract. It can be used a variety of dishes from halwas to payasam. 


Haldi and spices

A steaming cup of Haldi doodh will always be our go-to cures for common colds and flu. Turmeric is another superfood that keeps the body warm throughout the winter. Improve your child's immunity by adding this winter superfood to their diet during the flu season! Adding to your winter diet for toddlers turmeric or Haldi will help your health in many incredible ways. Curcumin, a photo-derived agent, which accounts for around 3-5 per cent of turmeric, is the key life-saving ingredient of space today. Turmeric is used as a supplement for inflammation, cancer and can serve as an immunity-boosting food for your child. 

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Nutritious Winter Indian Recipes for babies

Spiced Milk With Nuts

This is one of the easy healthy winter food for babies which serves to be a great way to include the goodness of dry fruits in your baby's diet during the winter season. The nuts and spices in this recipe are going to keep your little one cosy. The goodness of nuts helps the child to gain strength and improves immunity. Its mild aromatic taste makes it tempting and the best thing about this dish is that the nut powder can be stored easily and can be added to the milk anywhere making it one of the nutritious baby food for winter. 

Tomato Soup:

This recipe is a classic and a mouthwatering one, it is a delicate and tangy soup made with cream, spices, and fresh tomatoes which is wholesome and healthy. It contains vitamin C and that boosts natural immunity. The tomato soup bowl is refreshing and energising, and babies love it! This dish is one of the best winter food for babies at home. 

Badam Halwa:

This delicious dessert is healthy as it is made with milk, sugar, ghee and almonds.

It is one of the easiest healthy Indian winter recipes. Almonds keep the body warm in the winters and stimulate the process of digestion. They are also a good source of proteins that help to strengthen bones. Being rich in proteins and carbohydrates, almonds also provide instant energy for babies.

Mother Nature brings a different abundance of nutritious food every season. It is always advisable to eat items that are freshly available during that particular season. If you're not sure which food to give to your baby in the winters, try the ones listed above. The goodness of the ingredients is going to give your baby a power-packed meal.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal thoughts of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.