Why you should not smoke during pregnancy?

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Smoking is never a nice thing to do. Whether you are a male, female, young, old, college going student or a working professional. You should not smoke. The adverse effect of smoking will not only damage you physically but financially and later on socially too.

And when it comes to the time planning a baby then you should quit smoking during pregnancy first whether you are a would-be a father or would be a mother. Ideally male and female both should quit smoking and avoid smoking during pregnancy or before planning for new one’s arrival. Females especially asked to abandon any and every kind of smoking because their bad habit of smoking leaves a bad impact on their pregnancy. Sometimes even it puts the life of a young one into complete trouble.

So if you want to give birth to a healthy baby, if you want your child to survive in the world like a normal child then quit smoking now. This is the only thing you can do in the sake of your newborn.

Here are some myths associated with smoking in the minds of the smokers which are far away from the real facts. In this post, we have tried to show some light over these myths -

Myth - People think they have been smoking for the last many years. They feel there is no sense of quitting smoking now.

Fact - One day without smoking gives more oxygen to your body and to your baby too. This helps in the development of the baby inside your worm. Smoking reduces the level of oxygen in your body which becomes a hurdle in the baby’s growth. You can check online solutions - How to stop smoking during pregnancy?

Myth - People often switch to e-cigarettes during pregnancy and say they have quit smoking. They think e-cigarettes would not harm their babies.


Fact - Considering E-cigarettes as harmless is sheer stupidity. Smoking is injurious to you and your baby’s health. Keep this in your mind. Even e-cigarettes contain harmful nicotine which damages your body.   


          Myth - People think, they are smoking, their babies are not. There is no harm in this.

Fact - During pregnancy whatever you do, your baby is also the part of your actions, your words, and your thoughts. That’s the reason grand-moms and grannies suggest not involving yourself in bad activities during pregnancy like drinking, smoking which puts the negative impact on the baby. Babies too consume what you eat, drink. Baby inhales the same oxygen you take so beware during your pregnancy period. The risks of smoking while pregnant are high. Smoking not only damages you but also your baby is consuming harmful nicotine while you are smoking.

Myth - People say - During the last pregnancy they smoked and then also got blessed with a healthy baby.          

Fact - Whenever you smoke during pregnancy you put your baby at risk. This is not good. Once you get a healthy baby even with smoking doesn’t mean this time too you should do the same, be prudent and don’t smoke during pregnancy.

These are the reasons you shouldn’t smoke during pregnancy.  


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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps 

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