Why Organic Children's Clothing Is The Best Choice For Our Kids?

Lately, everyone has been talking about the ‘Organic Children’s Clothing’ products and what they do to us. Many parents are shifting towards using Organic products in their daily lives, especially changing their usage for kids to provide them maximum benefits. However, some of us, less informed parents are still confused between what Organic products are and why we should choose them over non-Organic Children’s Clothing. We’re also concerned about its cost and availability.

Let me try and elaborate on these points to answer some of these doubts and make it clearer for you so you can make the choice in a more informed manner.

Basically, the very formative idea of any Organic Children’s Clothing item/product is the fact that it is free of harmful chemicals that are otherwise used in general production. They are healthier, more natural and are produced in the old-fashion way. A good example is the Organic cotton kids-wear which have recently gained popularity in the western world. When manufacturers grow regular cotton, they use a plethora of chemicals including pesticides, or growth enhancing formulae that enable them to produce more. Further, the cotton that is grown is made softer to feel better, it is then turned into a fabric, stitched to a garment and finally packed in a plastic bag. All of these steps require use of performance enhancing elements that are extremely harmful to the human body. Sometimes the garments are produced in ‘sweat shops’ where proper hygiene is not followed. It is therefore, always recommended to wash your new purchases before wearing them, in case of kids/babies this becomes more important.

Organic Children’s Clothing

on the other hand follow a different pattern. At the starting point, cotton is grown using traditional practices and farmers are not allowed to use harmful chemicals to enhance their growth. What this means is that the final crop of cotton is extremely natural and devoid of any dangerous elements. The process doesn’t end here and is followed by converting this naturally grown cotton into fabrics that are equally natural. Many use AZO-free dyes to dye them in order to achieve the desired color. Stitching is done by experienced craftsmen who know their craft well, they work on contemporary machines that only process Organic Children’s Clothing threads and finally package it using recycled paper. Reducing, wherever possible, the effect of production on the environment. What you get in the end, is a very raw/virgin product that does not harm your body even when you wear it without washing first.

Once we understand what Organic cotton is, we will realize the importance of Organic Children’s Clothing for kids and why the world is switching to it at such a rapid pace. The sudden influx of home-grown brands like berrytree India is an evident example that people are becoming more aware. You could just simply log on to the websites and place your orders, this answers our second query of availability. Apart from the obvious benefits, “Organic Children’s Clothing” last longer, are naturally cooler and have a different feel to them. You will be glad you made the switch when you see that your garments do not tear so easily, in spite of your little ones playing in them all day!

A recent study conducted in The USA concluded that people who wear Organic Children’s Clothing or buy Organic cotton kids wear online are generally healthier, more aware and have a happy outlook towards life. They were observed to be visiting the doctors less and were financially well-off too. All in all, a solid lifestyle with a solid health.


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Happy parenting to you!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.