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What is Cotton - Organic

Organic Cotton is the ‘buzz’ word today! If you’re still unfamiliar with it, you’re really missing out on something special. Over the past few years, Organic Cotton Clothes have been getting a lot of notice and appreciation around the world. Whether it’s the USA, England or any other European country, people can’t stop raving about it wherever you go. With immense reliability, really cool benefits and super soft feel, organic clothes are taking the markets by a storm! Today, you’ll find everything organic- right from the food you eat to the drinks you drink and of course to the clothes you wear. Needless to say, organic cotton clothes definitely score high in comparison to other conventional cotton garments, especially when it comes to baby clothing.
You may still compromise on quality for your usage, but when it comes to your baby’s clothes or your kid’s clothes, you will always find the best options available. Hence, we introduce to you, organic cotton clothes for babies and kids. Let me just outline a few pointers below that will help you understand this in a better way and hopefully buy better for your babies and kids.
  • It helps the nature: organic cotton is grown through organic farming that uses latest technology with traditional practices to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, wastage of natural resources like water and most importantly have the minimum impact on the environment. When you buy organic cotton clothes, you help the people involved in preserving the environment. 
  • It’s Durable and lasts longer: Organic Cotton clothes are manufatures using simple processes that require no chemicals and maintain the natural essence of cotton as much as possible. Therefore, the final product you get isn’t tempered too much and is much stronger than a conventional cotton product. This simply means that organic cotton clothes last longer, can handle more washed and do not tear away easily. Meaning, more value for your buck! 
  • It’s cost effective: Organic cotton clothes last long, can be used frequently and therefore reduce the need to buy new clothes every now and then. What’s more, many of the varieties available are stretchable, so they’ll stretch when your baby’s grow and therefore will be used for a longer period of time. A win-win for all. 
  • It’s naturally germ free and odor free: Organic cotton clothes are made in the most organic way possible right from the earliest stage of raw material procurement. Therefore, they are closest to nature in every true sense. No bad irritants are added, hence the clothes are naturally germ free and don’t smell bad.
We at berrytree India love the concept of organic baby clothes or just organic products for babies in its true sense. Whenever you feel you’re ready to step into this world, just visit us at www.berrytree.in and explore our world of 100% Organic baby products. We’re sure you’ll love it here.
  Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps  

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