What Cartoons Should Your Baby Be Watching?

Balance is must in everything we do. Too much or too little can disturb your life. Though many research studies say about the effects of TV on baby. But many times, it becomes difficult for parents to handle their babies especially when it comes to feeding them their meals. Then the only best home remedy which serves as saviour is by letting your kids watching cartoons, which helps parents to engage their babies attention for an hour or two in watching cartoons and which allows them to finish their household chores. Though it is not the right practice and there are theories which indicate why you should limit cartoon watching for your child. Even mothers worry and often asks these questions - Is screen time good or bad for babies and children or  Is it okay to use cartoons to keep my baby busy while. Completely discarding the cartoons is sheer a wrong way. As life is all about ‘Balance’. By restricting over the exposure of screen time for babies and allowing only the “right kind” of cartoons can help your baby overall growth and you too.

Here we are listing a few cartoons from 19 Cartoons Your Child Should Be Watching, Read them ahead -   

Peppa pigs -    

It is one of the most favourite cartoon series loved by adults and kids both. The language used is quite easy to understand, jokes are humorous and animation is a favourite thing for the kids. The Peppa pigs educate kids through must have values and concepts, for instance, politeness, manners, gratefulness,  offering help to others, respecting your elders etc. in a child-friendly way.

ChuChu TV -

The best part of Chu Chu TV is it adds moral to the end of each story. It is becoming a hit show on television among kids along with the mothers. The well composed beautiful nursery rhymes of Chu Chu TV engages babies in no time. Its nursery rhymes are so magical that parents too started enjoying the cartoon. They have clubbed the education with entertainment to teach kids and to make it interesting.

Little Einsteins -

Little Einsteins are one of the funniest and informative shows for children. The Cartoon or show is an amalgamation of one musical piece and a famous artwork in each episode. Along with the story-line and sound-track which educates the children by encouraging children’s participation in the story. Little Einstein is potent enough to engage the children or kids in interesting storyline and episode which revolves around the completion of a simple mission and sends a message through it.


Baby TV -

Baby TV is the perfect channel for infants and toddlers. If you are a parent of toddlers below 3 years of age, this would serve you as a saviour. As Baby TV is composed of magical and sweet nursery rhymes, tv shows and stories which holds the attention of infants and toddlers easily. The captivating graphics, appealing content and beautifully designed animation is completely baby friendly show and perfect for new parents for whom handling baby is quite tough.

These are the few we have listed cartoons which your baby should watch.



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps