Understanding the importance of organic cotton for babies

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Every parent wants a give the best to their baby. Be it food, clothes or toys; they won't settle for something average. Nowadays, many people are going for organic products as they are environment friendly. Apart from organic food for babies, we also have organic clothes for babies. If you haven't started using organic cotton clothes for your little one then read on to find out more about it.

Organic baby clothes are truly a boon for all those parents who want to provide their babies with chemical free and heavenly soft clothes. Below noted points will help you understand the importance of organic cotton for babies.

  1. A baby's skin is up to 5 times thinner than your skin. It is even more sensitive and much more absorbent as compared to your skin. So when you use conventional cotton baby clothes for your little one, they might absorb any chemicals and can have skin issues. On the other hand, if you go for organic cotton for babies then you limit your baby's exposure to chemicals. Good enough reason to go for organic cotton baby clothes. 

  1. The feel of organic cotton baby clothes is much better as compared to conventional cotton baby clothes. Your baby will feel very comfortable in those heavenly soft clothes. What else a mom wants. 

  1. Studies show that organic clothes are safer for babies. As there are no toxic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, cotton plants grows naturally and thereby is able to keep all the nutrients intact. Organic cotton baby clothes are superior when it comes to the quality aspect. As organic cotton is able to retain its natural state, it is mold resistant, antimicrobial and smooth. This will help your baby's skin to breathe plus avoid any kind of skin allergy.

  1. Organic cotton baby clothes last much longer than your conventional cotton baby clothes. One thing I really like about organic cotton baby clothes is that they get softer with each wash. 

  1. Organic cotton clothes are not only good for your little one but also good for farmers who grow cotton plants. The farmers are not exposed to any kind of harmful chemicals and they do not have to inhale any insecticides and pesticides. Also, they need not worry about debt as they do not have to buy costly GMO seeds.

  1. Organic cotton is good for the environment and wildlife too because no chemicals are used at all. On the other hand, conventional cotton causes a lot of damage to the surrounding wildlife plus plants. There is also a lot of wastage of water.

I am sure after reading this piece of information you understand the importance of organic cotton for babies. If you want to give your baby the best then organic cotton baby clothes are the way to go. Your baby will surely look adorable in colourful organic cotton baby clothes. Go ahead start shopping for your baby right away.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps 

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