Top Sustainable Kids-Wear Brands in India: For The Conscious Mom

Sustainable Kids-Wear Brands in India for the Conscious Mom :)

Fashion is an act of self-expression. People wear clothes that in some way reflect their personality. Nowadays, fashion has crawled its way into kids clothing brands. With so many varieties and designs, even kids have the option to choose from what they like the most. People these days are after fast fashion. They want high-fashion designer clothes at a low price. But, in doing so, a lot of harm is sustained by the environment. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world (coming second only to the oil industry)? 

Fast fashion clothes are also low in quality and thus harder to recycle.  


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Ethical Fashion

To battle these immoral methods of the fashion industry, 'Ethical Fashion' was created. Ethical fashion or Sustainable fashion is an introspective step towards environmental protection. It monitors the fashion impact on the environment, allowing production in concordant with nature. Here are a few reasons why sustainable fashion is superior:

  • They follow labour laws strictly
  • Workers are provided with hygienic work conditions
  • Use eco-friendly fabric
  • They defend animal rights
  • Conserve water

Eco-friendly materials

Now that you know what sustainable fashion is, here is a brief on what kind of material/fabric falls under this fashion:

  1. Recycled Fibres - As the name suggests, these fabrics are made from waste materials such as recycled nylon, recycled wool, recycled polyester and recycled textile.
  2. Plant-Based Fibres - These fibres are obtained from natural sources. Some of the plant-based fibres include organic cotton, linen, hemp, Ramine and natural rubber. 
  3. Animal-Based Fibres - Just as the name suggests, these are fibres derives from animals without harming them. They consist of responsible wool, alpaca, responsible cashmere, silk and responsible down.
  4. Semi-Synthetic Fibres - These are fibres that are derived by a chemical process on naturally occurring fibres. Orange fibre, pineapple fibre, sustainable viscose and cupro are some of the semi-synthetic fibres. 

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Sustainable Kid's Clothing Brands

Ever wondered if kidswear comes with natural and environmentally friendly materials? You might be pleasantly surprised to know that the answer is Yes! With the increasing awareness for the environment and the awful effects of chemical-laden clothes, many kid's clothing brands are opting for sustainable fashion. Sustainable clothes are safe to wear and discard. Here are India's topmost sustainable kidswear brands:

  1. Berrytree - A flourishing online kids shopping brand, Berrytree uses pure organic cotton to handcraft kids' clothes. With naturally soft and chemical-free fabric, Berrytree provides a wide range of sustainable kidswear. You can choose from cute onesies and rompers to comfortable sweatshirts and nightsuits.

  1. Tinytwig - This is another Indian brand that sells organic clothes for babies. This brand uses cool shades for its products. You can find anything from cute dresses to knitted beanies for your young ones at Tinytwig.

  1. Love The World Today - An online shopping brand that uses natural fibres, organic cotton and handmade Indian textiles to create soft clothes for your kids. If you want some cute outfits that can be worn at festivals, have a look at the Bandhani top and low skirt and Bandhani shirt for your little ones.

Sustainable fashion provides people with a choice of controlling the environmental effects due to the manufacturing of clothes. People around the world are starting to realise the impact of pollution and are consciously making decisions that favour the environment.

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