Thought about your newborn baby's outfits yet?

Pandemic mom? We know you have been dreaming about cute newborn outfits.


Best Wishes! You are about to become parents! The thought of raising a child can be exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. Newborns are extremely frail and need utmost care. While taking care of their surroundings, it is most important to have an organized approach towards buying newborn outfits for your infant. It is always expected to buy brand new clothes for your newborn.


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But, it is also not convenient to spend your entire baby fund on clothes that your child will eventually outgrow. Lately, the increasing demand for fashionable, cute newborn outfits has led many to join the chase. With so many options, how can one decide what to choose?


Selecting cute newborn outfits is one of the most refreshing and bonding parts of parenthood.


Why choose Berrytree?



Parents all around the world are obsessed with fancy, decorated kids’ apparel. These expensive, fancy outfits come at a price. A price no parent is willing to take. Some babies start to get rashes and other skin irritations. Often, it is due to the fabric used.


Berrytree keeps the health of kids in mind while making clothes. We use organic cotton to make our clothes. Babies, specifically newborns have very sensitive skin and are advised to parents to buy soft fabric clothes. Organic cotton is a naturally occurring soft fabric that is perfect for the skin of infants. Organic cotton is an eco-friendly approach to water pollution and has a longer shelf life. Say yes to organic cute newborn outfits! 

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Safety Standards

One of the essential parts of buying clothes for babies is safety. Buying cute newborn outfits with loose buttons, flowers, etc can be a safety hazard. Every year, millions of clothing apparel are rescinded due to the lack of safety standards. Hence it is vital to search for brands that sell genuine products. 


Berrytree produces purely non-toxic, anti-flammable organic cotton clothes for kids that are obtainable at affordable prices. 


Berrytree focuses on producing simple yet charming clothes that are comfortable, vibrant coloured and soft. Our website is designed in a way that makes it easier for new users to find their way. When it comes to cute newborn outfits, you may trust Berrytree to deliver good quality products to your doorstep. Some of the cute newborn outfits collection of berrytree include:


Onesies: An ideal addition to your summer collection, these breathable onesies allow free movement without chafing their soft skin. Rock your kid’s wardrobe with these fashionable onesies.


Romper: Naturally germ-free, hand-crafted rompers are perfect to keep your newborn warm and comfortable with their extremely soft material. Make your infant look charming with these rompers.


Swaddle: These super cute baby wraps made with soft cotton muslin that is non-toxic, breathable and inflammable are perfect gifts for infants and their parents. 


Berrytree promises to sell good quality, visually appealing and on-trend clothes that can be worn throughout the year. 


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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal thoughts of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.