The Perfect Newborn Wardrobe, yes it exists.

The Perfect Newborn Wardrobe

With a new beginning of possibilities, embark on a journey of wonder, hope and dream with your little one. Babies are sure to bring a smile to anybody's face. 

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With the news of the arrival of a baby comes the ambivalence of what to do next. It is no doubt an exciting time for new parents but it comes with its complexities. New parents need to buy a lot of things before the arrival of their infant - from cradles to baby food. The list is endless. But, with the troubles comes the exciting part of selecting cute things for the baby. One of the most gripping things to set up is the newborn wardrobe.

Talking About Quality

It is vital to have good quality clothes in the newborn wardrobe as babies have sensitive skin. If provided with a poor quality cloth, the skin will get rashers and get itchy. 

Research suggests having clothes made of materials that are soft and breathable. Here is a list of a few fabrics that are perfect for getting into your newborn wardrobe:

  1. Lawn Cotton - A 100% cotton material, lawn cotton has a high thread count. This material dries fast and, what can be better for a baby than a fabric that dries quickly?
  2. Broadcloth - This material is lightweight, smooth and has a lustrous surface. This fabric is perfect for making a gown/dress for your infant.
  3. Organic Cotton - One of the most widely used materials for babies, organic cotton is a chemical-free, breathable fabric that is a must-have for infants.
  4. Fleece - This material is a good choice for winters. It is a second to wool and helps in keeping the body warm.
  5. MicroFibres - Very soft and hypoallergenic, microfibres are the right choice for babies with sensitive skin.

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Considerations For A Baby's Wardrobe

  1. Washing Laundry - A baby is going to need a fresh pair of clothes every of often. Babies can not be left naked while their clothes are drying, so buy outfits keeping that in mind.
  2. Colour Coding - If you are planning to have a colour scheme going for your infant, then now is the time to make it happen.
  3. Variety - Try having different clothing apparel for your infant. Wearing the same style of outfit every day might get boring even for you. That is why spice up the newborn wardrobe with some cute varieties!

What To Add To The Newborn Wardrobe?

It is no doubt very puzzling when it comes to shopping for newborns. They grow up so fast! Yet, one must have a considerable amount of clothes in the newborn wardrobe to match the rapid washing of spoiled clothes. Take a look at these cute outfits you can include in the newborn wardrobe:

  1. Onesies - Onesies are among the must-haves for new parents when it comes to their infant's wardrobe. These are simple to wear and effortless in removal. They are buttoned at the bottom, making it convenient for parents to remove the diaper without much effort. Check out these cute Tiger onesies and Elephant Onesies for your newborn.
  2. Rompers - Rompers are sure to make your baby look adorable! These are comfortable wears and can be worn by the baby while sleeping. Rompers are ideal for winters. If you are someone who loves to add a fictional touch to everything, then these Superhero rompers are a must-have for you and your infant.
  3. Bibs and Burp Cloths - A necessity in the world of babies, bibs and burp cloths help lessen your laundry stress and are a source of cleanliness.
  4. Shoes And Socks - Very important to regulate your baby's temperature shoes and socks are much-needed clothing apparel for the baby.  

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