The Essentials Of Infant Clothes

Many parents today are opting to buy and register for organic clothing for their newborns and infants. Organic clothing is a safer choice to put against babies’ sensitive skin because it’s made of organic cotton that is non-toxic and chemical-free. When your baby wears an organic piece of clothing, their skin isn’t absorbing harmful chemicals (like fire retardant found in many children’s pajamas which emits formaldehyde) or PVC, petrochemicals or esters that are found in synthetic fibers and have been linked to health problems, including cancer.
When it comes to newborn and infant clothes, is a one-stop internet shop for your requirements in kids’ fashion. Being on the internet means it is your local organic shop in your city. Next time you’re looking for infant clothes or an organic shop, instead of searching for organic shops in Bangalore (example) or organic stores in bangalore, just search for berrytree and you’ll get everything delivered to your doorstep.
BerryTree is committed to using sustainable and organic cotton for all products keeping the best of your toddlers in mind. Organic kidswear is the new “in”-thing in India and BerryTree strives to provide your kids just that – style along with comfort.

Infant Clothes

BerryTree offers 100 percent organic cotton apparel for babies in joyful prints and bright, inviting colours. If you love quirky prints, definitely check out BerryTree India’s fun and affordable selection. Want pure organic baby clothes and other essentials for infants? Look no further than
With cotton being one of the crops receiving the highest dosage of pesticides and with the mainstream textile industry using chemical dyes and bleaches to treat garments, regular mass produced apparel might not be the best choice for soft, sensitive baby skin.
Going organic with their babies’ clothing is becoming a choice that many parents are making. The soft fibre and safe natural dyes in these garments promise a happy, comfortable baby and a guilt-free shopping experience. The pastel colour palettes and cute patterns will have you wishing they were available in adult sizes.
BerryTree - Your Organic Shop
BerryTree India’s range of kidswear is certainly a landmark in kids’ fashion. Being a proud parent is one of the best feelings in the world and getting the best for your babies is always on your watchlist. BerryTree’s range of clothing includes rompers, onesies, sweatshirts that are finely crafted to suit the delicate skin of your babies. BerryTree’s range of collared shirts surely help to channelize the inner fashionista in your babies without any fear of skin allergies! Organic cotton, FOR THE WIN! Precisely meant for sustainability, BerryTree as an organic store is fully committed to providing the best in kids’ fashion, never compromising on quality, comfort and durability.
BerryTree’s incredibly soft organic frocks and tops will suit your little princesses admirably. On the other hand, our range of unisex baby clothing, night suits and easy pants are sure to capture your imagination and provide lasting comfort to your precious bundles of joy.
So, dear parents, if you are in the lookout for Infant Clothes that is both affordable and sustainable, then log on now to and experience the “magic of organic”.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps