The Coolest Infant Clothes in India: Organic Cotton

The best place to buy infant clothes online in India

Finding infant clothes online in India can be quite a task when there are so many options present. But do not be disheartened; the very fact that there are so many options can be used to your advantage. Thanks to the ease provided by technology, picking and comparing different infant clothes online in India has become an easier task. Online options help you weigh the pros and cons of each item you add to your cart. 

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But before you begin to surf through websites to choose the right kind of clothes for your infant, you must decide what material you want for them. Experts recommend soft, rash-free cotton to be the best option in any climate, especially the Indian climate. That’s the reason BerryTree brings to you non-toxic and organic cotton clothes to protect your children’s skin, from infant-hood to late childhood. The infant range in BerryTree’s clothing includes cute unisex rompers and onesies that will be perfect for your little one. 

Why BerryTree? Because it is perfect for the climate throughout India. Plus, it doesn’t matter where you live in India, BerryTree will deliver your favorite pieces that you picked right to your doorstep. All of the essential clothes you would need for your infant can be found on the website, each piece made with utmost care and affection for babies. Using the most comfortable organic cotton material and pairing that with the latest designs, BerryTree provides a wide range of infant clothes that your baby will love. 

What can you get for your infant? 

Now that you’ve got your material sorted and found BerryTree’s website, you want to explore its vast range of infant clothes but aren’t quite sure where to start? That’s okay, we have a curated list for you to ensure the endless hours you put in to find the best infant clothes online are fruitful. 


A romper is a one-piece outfit for children that is different from a onesie because it has sleeves and legs. It is also called a jumpsuit, romper suit, playsuit or pajama. It makes a cute outfit for the warm weather, especially during the day, as the sleeves and legs protect your baby from direct exposure to the sun and keep your baby cool. Take this adorable romper with unicorn moons on it. This one also comes with a covering for the feet so there is no need for extra socks for your baby. Soon, in your search for the most adorable infant clothes online, you’ll find that rompers will easily become your favorite clothes to buy for your baby. 


People usually get confused between rompers and onesies because they seem the same, even when they aren’t. The main difference between the two is that rompers have legs and onesies don’t. Onesies have snap fasteners for easy wearing and removal. They can be worn as vests underneath another piece of clothing, like a shirt and pants. These clothes are great for layering during the cold weather and make simple but cool clothing during the nighttime in warm weather. This alphabet onesie is an adorable outfit that your baby can wear at any time of the day. As it is perfect for the climate here, you’ll find that this will quickly become the go-to outfit for your baby as you look for the best infant clothes online in India.

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Swaddles are a must in your home if you’re welcoming an infant any time soon. These blankets are used to wrap your baby tightly from the neck down and tuck both arms and legs inside it. The best place to buy the most comfortable organic cotton swaddles online is BerryTree. Good quality swaddles have to be comfortable, soft, warm and worth their price. BerryTree’s swaddles, like this Lama wrap blanket, are exactly that. 

Buying infant clothes online in India shouldn’t have to be a stressful process. It’s the same as when you go out to buy clothes in offline stores. Worry not, the vast array of options available on BerryTree will surely make it much easier to navigate this new world you might be entering for the first time. 

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