The coolest and cutest outfits for kids this Christmas!

Get the Cutest Christmas outfit for Kids

The Christmas season is right around the corner, and you must be busy planning the decorations and outfits. While some of you must've decided on your own Christmas outfits, you must be confused about how to dress your kids up. 
Some kids love to go all the way and dress as Santa themselves, others want to keep it lowkey and prefer a simple tee. Whatever your kid loves, we are here to help you out and provide a variety of options for you to choose from. 
Read this article till the end to find the Cutest Christmas outfit for kids, newborns, and toddlers. 
Fairytale Outfit
Kids don't have a lot of reasons to dress up, so why not go all the way when they do! If you plan to go to a fancy cocktail party, make sure your kids follow the dress code too by dressing them up in formals such as Suits, flowy dresses, Tuxedos, and Suspender pants. These extraordinary party wear attires look smart and keep your baby cosy and warm all night long.
You can pair the suits with bow ties and flowy dresses with cute accessories like hair bands and clips. Ensure that the material of these clothes is soft, and avoid buying clothes with glitter or sequins as they might cause harm to your little one while removing the outfit. 
Christmas colours
As Christmas is associated with the colours red and green, it makes perfect sense for kids to want to dress up in those colours. After all, these colours are considered jolly and serene, so adding a pinch of these to your Kid's Christmas outfit seems logical. 
Look for clothes that add the colours subtly, such as a warm full sleeve checked night suit in red and green. This one is also available in green and multicoloured print. If you're tired of the Christmas colours but want a Christmas-themed outfit, blue Christmas-style sleepwear would be a perfect choice. 
Fleece it up!
Nothing looks cuter than adding fleece to your kid's outfit! 
Fleece is one of the warmest materials for your little one and would make an excellent choice in cold climates. It is an alternative to wool and keeps the body warm as it holds heat well. Even though they make the cutest Christmas Outfit for Kids, they can irritate the skin when used in warmer temperatures. Make sure whatever clothing option you choose amongst a fleece tracksuit, pants, hoodies, or blankets, pick a thin layer that can be removed easily. Check out Berrytree India's new winter collection to find the Cutest Christmas Outfit for Kids that includes fleece track pants suit with adorable animal prints.
You can add fleece to your baby's footwear and other accessories such as fleece laced boots/ booties, hats, mittens, and beanies. 
If this is your newborn's first Christmas celebration, you're bound to look at comfortable clothing options. You will not have to trade off cuteness for comfort with Onesies as your Kid's Christmas outfit. 
Onesies are the most practical outfits for babies. Look for an organic cotton material Onesie from a certified brand like Berrytree. They will keep your baby warm and cosy throughout the party and is one of the softest materials. Some styles and prints that would look great for the Christmas theme are - Grey Star Bold, Unicorn White, Starry White Onesie, and lastly, the Peter Pan collar for that folk style look! 
We hope this guide helps you make the best choice and dress your Kids in stylish clothes to make the Cutest Christmas Outfit for Kids. Before finalizing an outfit, consider your kid's choice and comfort over anything, and lastly don't forget to add accessories like bow ties, adorable shoes, hair bands, etc to match their outfit.