The best of Organic Cotton Preemie Clothes in India

Organic Preemie Clothes For You.

Babies are a gift from heaven. It is an anxious wait for parents to meet their child, healthy and happy. The feeling of holding their infant for the first time is unexplainable and this moment is one that no one can steal from a parent. There is no doubt a parent will love their newborn no matter what, but it is a bit daunting for parents when their child is a preemie.

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What Is A Preemie?

Preemie is a term used for premature babies. In other words, preemies are infants that do not complete the nine months of gestation. They have delicate immune systems and almost all preemies (be it a 27 week old or 30 week old) have to spend some time in the hospital's NICU. But, do not get discouraged because, in today's world, with the advancement of technology in the medical field, the chances of a preemie having a perfectly normal childhood are in the positive spectrum.

Clothing And Preemie

Babies are prone to illness due to their developing immune systems. Preemies especially require utmost care when it comes to it. That is why when buying for preemies, standard infant clothes are not advisable. Infant clothes are made to fit and help them keep warm and protected. But, preemies are much smaller when compared to an infant born after the completion of nine months of pregnancy. That is why to keep them warm, parents must buy clothes designed specifically for preemies.

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Material For Clothing

The skin of preemies is very delicate and due to their early birth, they are weaker than most newborns. So going for organic preemie clothes is preferable.

Organic cotton is the most sought after material for baby outfits due to its exceptional properties. Here is a list of benefits provided by organic cotton:

  1. Chemical Free
  2. Eco-Friendly
  3. Anti-Allergic
  4. Anti-Chafing
  5. Soft
  6. Breathable

Types Of Organic Preemie Clothing

Finding organic preemie clothing can be a bit of a challenge. For this reason, we have carefully curated some online websites you can buy organic preemie clothes from:

  1. Under the Nile - This Company makes clothes from 100% Egyptian organic cotton. They provide a wide range of organic preemie clothes - From onesies and footies to kimonos, you can choose from a variety of colours and styles.
  2. Berry tree - Another leading brand in organic clothing, Berry tree provides organic clothing for children of age groups 0 to 8. For organic preemie collection, they offer onesies and rompers in different designs.
  3. Gibs & Her - This website is run by a mother of a preemie and harbours an amazing collection of organic preemie clothes and other services. They also provide different bundles for NICU and preemie phases. 
  4. Wilson + Frenchy - This website provides organic preemie clothes in different varieties and styles. They offer a wide range of bodysuits, zip suits, singlets and leggings in colours that will have you hooked.

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When buying any type of clothing for your preemie, simply keep in mind the comfort offered over the style. It will not make much of a difference if the baby is wearing the same design for consecutive days. As babies sleep for most of the day, wearing something uncomfortable will increase their irritation so it is always best to go for soft organic cotton clothes for preemies.