The best fabric for your little ones.

Cotton Newborn Clothes- Choose the best fabric for your little one

All parents want only the best for their children. From food to clothing, every little thing needs to be perfect as a newborn baby's skin has larger pores and tends to absorb everything that comes in contact, it is sensitive and needs to be protected against germs. 

When looking for clothes for a newborn, one needs to be extra careful as a newborn's skin is susceptible to irritation and rashes. Anything that comes in direct contact with the baby needs to be clean and comfortable.

We often hear that cotton is the best choice amongst all the fabrics. The reason is that cotton newborn clothes are soft and gentle on the baby's skin. It is nature's protection to the developing skin of babies. Its fabric permits better aeration and keeps your baby cool. It absorbs and removes the body’s moisture easily. Since it is a natural fabric, cotton is non-allergenic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your baby breaking out in rashes or eczema. 


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Kids love to play. Babies, too, are not the most stable. They love to move around, fall and spill! It's all part of being a kid. Hence, cotton newborn clothes are a popular choice amongst parents as it is easier to clean than any other fabric and does not require the use of strong chemicals to get rid of the stains.

It is even naturally resistant to dust mites so it is safe for kids with asthma and other allergies. The material is breathable and works great as kids are always sweaty due to their movements. It also helps regulate the temperature of the body.

Organic cotton, in particular, is the perfect choice for babies as it is grown without the use of fertilizers or chemicals. Organic clothing is certified by the World Health Organization as it does not harm the baby's skin, unlike other fabrics. In addition, organic cotton newborn clothes are environmentally friendly as cotton grown organically reduces soil erosion and creates healthy soil. It is biodegradable. It is also financially better for farmers as better crop cycles, and no use of pesticides means better income. 


Organic Cotton benefits

Some of the best brands for organic cotton newborn clothes are Berrytree, Miko Lolo, Masilo, and Nino Bambino.

With organic cotton, you need not worry about washing your baby's clothes immediately after one use. Since cotton is a breathable fabric, it never traps odours as other fabrics do. This means cotton clothing doesn’t get messy as quickly as other fabrics, so you don’t have to wash clothes as often. Whenever you decide to wash, cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to wash and dry. They can be tumble dried or hung up to dry. Ensure that you avoid harsh chemical soaps and detergents and adhere to soft kid-friendly detergents.

Not only is Organic cotton the kindest material you could use for your little one, but it is also one of the strongest natural fibres. This quality makes it durable and able to withstand constant wear without wearing out. It may seem like a slightly expensive option, but it is affordable and budget-friendly if bought from a certified brand like Berrytree which has a variety of cotton newborn clothes such as onesies, rompers and swaddles. They come in adorable and trendy prints so your baby looks cute while being comfortable all day long. What more? You can get twin sets and similar printed tees to match with your baby!

Skin-friendly, Allergy-free, Environmental friendly, Durable, and Affordable! All these and more advantages of using Organic Cotton newborn clothes. So the next time you step out to purchase outfits for your little one, make sure you choose only the best fabric. Your baby will be comfortable and safe, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

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