Synthetic Fashion Trends Must Make Way For Organic Kidswear Brands In India

Trends are changing and what is trendy has to be comfortable. Gone are the days when trendy could be termed as boring, it is not. Today, we have so many varieties of kidswear brands in india that we need never rely on synthetic clothes at all. Synthetic clothes were once upon a time considered as the boon for the industry because it could be mass produced and at a much cheaper rate than kidswear brands in india. It also provided employment to a huge population base at the same time. It gained popularity because:

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  • The cheaply produced synthetic dyes could be manufactured easily and at a lesser cost than natural dyes and products. Since there was a lot of cost cutting in the market, the product which was perceived as the most cost-effective turned out to be the natural leader.
  • It was thought that it would rule the men and women’s section of the wardrobe as well as Organic kidswear brands as parents would prefer for their children something budgeted as they had a limited budget to go on themselves.
  • This industry received a huge labour push from the local bodies, the governments and all concerned as these adult brands and kidswear brands in india provided employment to huge local population who otherwise were finding it hard to get employment anywhere.

But slowly and gradually, these synthetic clothes came under the ire of the general public especially as concerns kidswear brands india. This was mainly because the material was considered too rough and unusable for children. Even schools preferred that their children use Organic kidswear brands as these clothes allow for the skin to breathe, allow the passage of fresh air, and do not block sweat or the natural perspiration of the body.


Though the synthetic industry is still in vogue but it is still less preferred than clothes made up of a much finer material and though we pray that the market for synthetic material doesn’t diminish but it is often a common consensus that we are observing trends in the market that see a paradigm shift from this industry toward the organic industry.


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