Swimming with your babies! A great idea.

Newborn Dressing Gown and Your Guide to Swimming With Newborns.

With the coming of your baby into this world, a new chapter has opened up. 

Babies are the world to their parents and parents will do anything to see a smile on their faces. From taking their infant out on picnics to teaching them swimming, parents can bond with their infants in many ways. If you are someone who loves swimming and wants your kid to join you as soon as possible, then you just got lucky. Babies that are not even old enough to walk have the natural ability to learn to swim.

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Can Newborns Swim?

It is undoubtedly a terrifying thought to take your infant swimming - they could catch a cold or maybe inhale a lot of water. However, being in water uniquely engages their entire body. 

Doctors recommend taking your baby into the pool after about six months of age. Anytime later would run a risk of inducing fear and negative emotions about swimming in the baby.

What To Buy?

Now that you have decided to take your newborn swimming, the question comes, what to buy for a perfect day at the swimming pool? Here is a list of items you need to pack for your infant's first swim:

  • Newborn dressing gown - Firstly, you will need a set of newborn dressing gowns (also known as bathrobes) to keep your baby warm and comfortable after a swim. Newborn dressing gowns are designed to keep your baby warm and dry, thus preventing cold. 
  • Towel - Towels help keep the baby dry. If you can buy a large towel with a hoodie, it will do the work. Towels will aid in keeping your baby clean and warm.
  • Toy - Pack your infant's favourite toy to give them in the pool. Toys help them familiarise themselves with the place and make the learning process quicker.
  • Extra pair of clothes - Getting an extra pair of clothes can help keep the baby warm after a swim and are perfect for emergencies. For the extra pairs, you can carry cute elephant onesies or comfortable and warm Green Dino rompers to keep your infant from falling sick.

Newborn Dressing Gown Ideas

Newborn dressing gowns come in so many styles and designs and, having the same one as the other kid in the class is a complete no. That is why here are a few styles of newborn dressing gowns you can buy for your infant's little adventure:

  • Fluffy pink dressing gown
  • Patterned newborn dressing gown
  • Fleecy unicorn print hooded dressing gown
  • Hooded animal ear dressing gown
  • Animal plush dressing gown

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Benefits Of Swimming

Here are a few benefits of swimming that will make you go and add your baby's name to the swimming class:

  • Improved Cognitive Functioning - Swimming uses both sides of the body, thus improving the baby's brain growth. This causes bilateral cross-patterning movements that build neurons throughout the brain. Continuous practices over long periods will better their reading skills, language development and spatial awareness.
  • Improve Confidence - Most infant classes include fun games with parents and other infants. These little games help the children function better in groups. Studies show that children who started swimming between the age of two months to four years had better self-confidence and were more independent.
  • Improved Sleep Pattern - Swimming makes babies burn a lot of energy. Here, babies use their bodies in a completely different way and are working tirelessly to keep warm. All this exercise makes the baby tired, and they fall asleep.

Safety Tips 

Swimming can be a fun way to bond with your newborn. But, having said that, there are a few things parents must keep in mind when near water bodies,

  • Always make sure your baby is being supervised by an adult when in the pool.
  • If in a boat, make your baby wear a life jacket.
  • If your pool is covered, then make sure to completely remove the cover to keep the baby safe.
  • Set your phones aside, stop talking to other parents or working on your laptop when you are supervising your baby in the pool.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal thoughts of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.