Summer Outfit For Kids: Choosing The Right Cloth For Kids

Summers are here, and it’s the time to start preparing yourselves and your kids for the harsh sun outside. Undoubtedly, it’s going to get super hot, some even predict that it will be hotter than the last year. I remember, how the kids used to come back from school, all drenched in sweat, panting and dehydrated. The importance of drinking enough fluids throughout the day is something that you’ve been told several times and I’m not going to dig into that. What I’m doing today, is telling you a little more about summer clothing, summer outfit for kids and how to make sure the stuff they wear makes them feel comfortable throughout.

Some Myths for summer outfit for kids

Let’s begin by busting a few myths. Cut sleeves, deep necks, short length skirts and pants are NOT going to help your kids have a better time when they go outside. Instead, these will expose a large area of their skin to the harsh sun and will experience sun-burns or sun tans. Popularly, many believe that applying a good sub-block is enough, but it isn’t. Sun block only works for a while and once the kids start perspiring it sometimes washes off or becomes sticky which only attracts dirt. Best practice is to apply little sun block and keep the skin covered as much as possible.
But, then, the question arises. How do we really choose good summer clothes that look summery and won’t really trouble the kids. The answer is ‘Organic Cotton’. Due to it’s natural flexibility, softness and thickness, it has a higher ability to absorb sweat and keep the body cooler. It’s naturally germ-free, so it even protects from fungal infections in many cases. To buy Organic baby clothes isn’t only the right thing, you must choose the right product too.
As I said earlier, short skirts or shorts are a strict no. Especially when the kids are stepping out under the harsh sun, try easy pants that cover the legs fully or at least half sleeved t-shirts that restrict the skin’s dirct contact with the sun. Further, go for sizes that are slightly bigger and not slim-fit. This will allow the air to move arund easily, making the kids feel more comfy. It also helps, that organic fabrics don’t usually stick to the body, allowing free movement of kids when they play.
My personal suggestion is to go with an easy set of a, organic t-shirt and an organic cotton pant. It covers most of my child’s body, helps him play safely, allows easy movement and is wonderful to look at. And find best summer outfit for kids
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