Our Favorite Baby Gifts Ideas This Summer: Newborn to Toddlers.

 Baby Gifts for Summer’21

With summer upon us, the cry for something fresh and trendy for the babies is louder than ever! 

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Want to know about those perfect baby gifts you can give to that parent who’s just settling into their new role? We have you covered. From Baby Shower Gifts to actual gifts for a baby, it is crucial to go through the best options before selecting one. Baby gifts usually consist of soft and safe material to protect and comfort the little adorable lives.

Here at Berrytree, they are made of organic material which is naturally germ-free, super soft and has a breathable fit. Here are some suitable types of baby gifts you can give this summer:

  • Onesies- These are a one-piece close-fitting lightweight garment, usually having sleeves but leaving the legs uncovered and fastening with press studs at the crotch. Babies are made to wear onesies to conceal the diaper. Onesies are some of the most comfortable pieces of clothing for a baby. The Organic Blue Whale Onesies are one to look an eye out for this summer as they are easy on the eye, cool in colour and have a vibrant feel to them. Crafted with care and love, these onesies make sure your baby has the perfect protection, comfort and softness to go through the harsh summer. The right onesie can go a long way in spending that adorable time playing with your little one.

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  • Rompers- These are also a one-piece garment made to achieve the optimum comfort levels for the baby. A romper is a single-piece garment worn primarily by newborns and toddlers. Typically, rompers are constructed with some form of leg closure to allow for rapid diaper changes without having to undress the infant. The Orange Cotton Rompers are the perfect choice for summer baby gifts. Not only do these rompers have a vibey colour scheme, but their design and naturally stretchy material also make your baby reach comfort levels like never before. The pull buttons in these rompers make it easy for your baby to slide in and the wide bottom accommodates diapers making it the ideal candidate for baby gifts.

  • Swaddle Blankets- These are used to wrapping the baby around securely in them so that only their head sticks out. The rest of their body is comfortably snug inside the blanket, which may help the youngest infants feel like they’re still inside the womb, providing a restful night’s sleep to both the parent and the baby.  Swaddle Blankets are pivotal in ensuring that the baby is getting sufficient warmth and comfort, so extra attention needs to be paid to the material  (preferably organic cotton). The Black Bear Swaddle Blankets are the gift to go for if you want to tick all these boxes. Not only having a refreshing presence in your house, but these blankets are also superbly comfortable and have easy washing to ensure the baby is in the cleanest of blankets and the safest of hands.
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    Baby gifts can prove to be tedious to find, especially with hundreds of options to choose from. Taking the lively summer into consideration, you’d want to make sure that your gift stands out as the most vibrant and effective one. With an exquisite collection of baby gifts here at Berrytree, we make sure that choosing those perfect baby gifts is convenient and smooth for you so that you can have an exceptional shopping experience right from your living room.


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    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal thoughts of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.