Best Organic Brands In India The Berrytree Story Stage 1 And 2.


The word ‘organic’ brings in a plethora of thoughts to all our minds. First few things that pop up when we think of an organic product is that it’s safe, free of chemicals and probably as natural as possible. While all this is true, there is much more that can be associated with an best organic brands in india.  We will delve on that in our other posts that highlight the good nature of an organic product while point out the shortcomings of a conventional one, this post,  is about the Organic brands in India.
A brand is truly ‘Organic’ when the products it designs, develops and sells are all Organic in nature. The basic principles outlined by the Organic fraternity across the globe are minimalistic use of harmful chemicals ensuring that there is absolutely no damage to the external environment and yet building a product that achieves a great aesthetic appeal without compromising on it’s utility. While our search for such brands lead us to a large number of companies abroad – mainly in Europe and Central America, we were unable to identify clear competencies in several Indian brands that claim to be organic.

Why Berrtree is best organic brands in india

One such company that stood out completely, was berrytree. The website highlights them as a fully best organic brands in india. What this means is that the entire cycle of product designing, manufacturing, packaging, transporting, and selling is built from various concepts of the organic way of doing business. They source the best ‘Organic’ raw materials from certified organic farming agencies deep-rooted in the Indian ethos, they design the products using latest technology with very less use of pen and paper, they communicate with their team members on technological platforms thereby reducing the use of physical items such as offices/electricity/water/paper/ etc.
They further stress on choosing manufacturers that are certified in ‘Organic Manufacturing’ by various authorities around the world and trust only the best. Let me explain this a little more. Many manufacturers overuse their resources such as manpower, chemicals, electricity, time and money and yet call themselves ‘organic’ as just the final product that is made consists of ‘organic raw materials. However, there are a few that are ‘Conscious’ in its true sense. Like the partners of berrytree, they use all their resources in the best way possible, tehre is absolutely no sign of wastage, pollution to the environment, exhausting the manpower and only use skilled labour to finish their products.
Having said that, and having established the core competencies of a true ‘Organic brand’, berrytree takes care of all the stages involved in the business process in the most organic way possible. Starting with the internal working of the company in its head office, to sourcing, to choosing the right partners, to packaging and to finally delivering the goods to the consumer.
How berrytree achieves being a true best organic brands in india in the latter two stages will be explained more cohesively in the following blog.
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