Latest Children's Fashion Trends

Gone are the days when fashion was only restricted to adults like you and I. Today, it applies to everyone, and most importantly latest children's fashion trends! How often have you heard you little one complaining about certain colours or certain kind of clothes? Initially this seems cute, but as they grow, you realise they’re pretty darn serious.
I’ve personally had a difficult time with my little daughter, she’s as curious as I am (not that I’m complaining) , she loves to experiment with different accessories and colours. Gone on her mother you’d say. This makes a lot of things go waste, as she likes to choose her things herself.
Keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult, especially when you’re a working mom like me, keeping everything under check is even more difficult as kids know brands really well. Let me assure you, this can be dealt with nicely, if you follow some patterns that restrict over spending and actually gain some knowledge about what’s trending today.
I’ve developed this list, hope it works. For starters, just understand what’s IN and do your research. Everything is available at good prices on the web, look around and find things in these categories. You’ll be safe.

List Of latest children's fashion trends

• Organic Clothing: Everybody wants to go Organic! The stress on pollution and harmful environmental effects has made our kids very curious. They want to be doing something for the environment, they read labels, check the fabric constituents and are aware of what’s inside. Look for some crazy stuff by Berrytree, they’re 100% organic. This will help your child’s curiosity and encourage their passion for making a change.
• Stripes: Vertical not Horizontal! This is important as horizontal can make your child look bigger than he actually is. Stick to the basics.
• Classic Shits: Plain solid shirts do really well in all seasons. When it’s hot, just fold the sleeves, when it’s cold, pull them down and add a sweater. This lasts longer than your average round neck t-shirt and really looks nice.
• Colourful Prints: Colourful and cheerful prints will always make your kids look ecstatic and happy. Choose bright ones, they can be worn at night while sleeping.
• Long tops: Another great invention for girls growing up are these long tops! They fall till the knee and look super duper cute.
Finally, latest children's fashion trends keeps emerging and developing each day. Today one cartoon character is popular, tomorrow, another one will. Keep a tab on what’s going on and make sure you’re prepared for the changes. If you’re lucky, you can find brand like ‘Berrytree Organic’ that make everything by hand and are unique in the sense that they don’t repeat their designs once they go out of stock. Whatever you wear from them will be unique in its own way!