Mustard Oil for Baby Massage: Benefits and Recommendations


Touch is a language that both adults and babies can understand. Several medical studies have shown that regular contact and attachment with a parent or caregiver is essential for a healthy brain and a child's emotional growth. We all read about the positive effects and healing properties of mustard, but did you know that mustard oil can also be used to massage your baby? Mustard oil for baby massage moisturises and repairs your baby’s dry and patchy skin and protects it from the harsh winter weather by retaining heat.

Let’s learn about the benefits of mustard oil massage for babies!


Mustard oil for bay massage
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Acts as a remedy for cold and cough:

Mustard oil, when heated with a small amount of garlic and used for a newborn massage, is very effective in the treatment of common cold and cough in infants, particularly in winters. Place one or two cloves of garlic in a jar and add some mustard oil. Put it down on low heat. The scent of garlic combined with the smell of mustard oil is strong enough to fight off cold and cough. Mustard oil massage for baby also helps to keep the body warm and serves as an insulator to keep babies cosy in cold weather.


Fights all kinds of infections:

Mustard oil contains a lot of anti-fungal properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that can be harmful to infants if left untreated. Also, mustard oil massage for a newborn is strong enough to kill bacteria such as S Typhi & E-Coli, which has been dangerous to humans since ages, as it can cause severe illnesses that are hard to treat. Babies are also much more vulnerable to skin infections than adults, mustard oil will come to your rescue by offering anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits to their skin by preventing and minimising rashes and redness.


Strengthens bones:

Mustard oil is perfect for infant massage as it helps to develop and strengthen the fragile and delicate bones of your growing baby. It provides their bones with the nourishment they need to develop strong bones. It also helps with the circulation of blood that improves the overall well-being of your little angel.


essential oils


Acts as a mosquito repellant:

Mustard oil acts as an insect repellent and can help combat mosquitoes, particularly during monsoons when they pose a serious threat to children. A good mustard oil massage will ensure that your newborn remains free of insects and mosquito bites due to its strong smell.


Promotes hair growth:

Mustard oil is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals including iron, calcium and magnesium, and vitamins such as A, D, E and K, all of which are essential for hair development. It contains beta-carotene and selenium, which is excellent for hair growth when massaged in the scalp. It stimulates the circulation of blood and its antibacterial properties prevent infections of the scalp. For small babies with less hair on their scalp, daily head massage using mustard oil and light strokes can encourage hair growth.

Here are some of  Berrytree’s picks for best mustard oil for baby massage:


DABUR Cold Pressed Mustard Oil:


Dabur mustard oil

This is one of the mustard oil for the massage of a newborn. This oil is cold-pressed from the finest quality mustards ensuring that the natural properties and health benefits of mustard are intact.  It contains a good ratio of omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids

It is rich in mono-saturated fatty acids making it heart-friendly and also helps in managing cholesterol. It relieves sinus congestion and invigorates digestion. 

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Dasapushpadi Baby Body Massage Serum:

mustard oil bottle

The Forest Essentials Dasapushpadi Body Massage Serum is a nutritionally balanced Ayurvedic baby massage oil containing beneficial herbs to protect the skin from infections. Ayurvedic herbs such as Kumud and Liquorice keep the baby's skin soft and supple for a healthy glow. This massage oil is a skin-softening Ayurvedic oil that profoundly nourishes and moisturises. It helps to strengthen the muscles and bones of the infant. This massage oil has been approved by MadeSafe and is free of additives, parabens and petrochemicals.

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Deve Herbes 100% Pure Mustard Oil:


pure oil for babies


This massage oil is of the highest therapeutic quality. It's 100% pure, raw & undiluted oil. Similar to Dabur, it's unrefined and cold-pressed. This oil should be massaged directly on your baby's hair, body and skin. This oil has low saturated fat content relative to other oils. It has anti-oxidant and cholesterol-reducing properties. 

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Bliss of Earth Organic Mustard Oil:

organic mustard oil

Bliss of Earth carrier oils is unrefined and extracted by a cold-pressed process. They obey strict guidelines for the safety of the natural properties of oils during extraction and packaging. This oil is therapeutic grades for optimum potency. All Bliss of Earth oils are carefully packaged to ensure the highest quality. These oils are 100% pure and Hexane-free, with no added additives or preservatives. It's a fantastic baby massage oil! It increases blood supply and assists in the development of muscles and bones. Take a little oil and steam it up a little. Take the warm oil in your hands and gently massage your baby's body.

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It's remarkable to see so many uses of such basic and easily available oil as Mustard oil for your infant, and we know that you wouldn't leave a stone unturned when it comes to your child's wellbeing. However, you need to take care of a few things, such as allergic reactions, overuse and side effects of mustard oil, before using it on your baby's delicate and sensitive skin. For the best advice, we recommend consulting your doctor.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal thoughts of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps.