Mother and Baby Clothes

Mix, match and wear it out loud! Let the world know your mother and baby clothes duo is here to stay, rock it up and have all the fun! After all, mother and daughters share a bond that can never be understood in black or white, but can only be felt in rainbow colors. Wow! That’s a great line. I must add it to my ‘most profound statements of the year’. Maybe someone will take it up and use it to a good cause.
While I can go on and on about my thoughts and thoughtful writing, maybe pull out a few more cheesy liners, I must come back to the topic in hand and enlighten you- my favorite people with some crazy trends going on today. I’ll add a few tips too, they will take you a long way!

Trend Of Matching mother and baby clothes

Trends are overwhelming and sometimes come and go in quick successions. However, this one’s a true keeper and we actually believe that it will stay in for much longer than the others.
We’re talking about the mix and match of mother and baby clothes. Something that makes mom and baby dress same and quirk it up! Let’s face it, parenting is daunting and we love our kids way more than anything else. We love ourselves too and try to keep in shape, look younger, feel healthy and most importantly dress well. Many moms nowadays get special clothes made for themselves and their daughters, this is particularly seen on special occasions like weddings or big parties, however, today, it’s quite evident in regular day to day lives too. A general stroll around a fancy mall will make you catch a mom and daughter duo either wearing similar clothes or accessorizing similarly. You’ll see they look cool and come across as fashion influencers.
Good dressing always looks good and pleases the eye. Especially when moms and daughters are able to pull off that similar look, it a win-win! Let us tell you how you can do this and get great results yourself too!
  • Don’t just restrict to formal clothes: Mother and baby kids matching is all about comfort and ease. While matching clothes look great in formal gatherings, they usually turn out to be expensive and cannot be worn multiple times. Find other alternative too. Like we, at berrytree suggest matching a basic Tee.
  • Match colors instead of actual garments: Sometimes it may be very hard to find two same garments of to such varied sizes. Don’t stress and just match the colors. A blue Jeans with a cute red top on both mom and baby looks great!
  • Accessorize: match your hats, gloves, scarves, shoes or even chunky jewelry! They look great too, trust us.
  • Go Swim together! Matching costumes are the latest thing and they look absolutely stunning. Find some at mother and baby online stores together.
Keep experimenting and keep loving! We’ll share our ideas whenever we get some.

Happy Parenting to You!
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps