How To Protect Your Toddlers Winter Care For Babies?

The winter season is the most awaited season, at least, here in India. There is some respite from the heat and it is pleasant enough to plan vacations. Your toddler would enjoy this season, but this is also the season of flu and other illnesses. So, here are some sure shot tips to winter care for babies.

Tips For Winter Care For Babies

Keep them warm

Well, this is the first thing that any parent should do during the winter. Your toddler will be prone to cold and flu during this season and it is easy to catch. So, keep them warm with woollen clothes, preferably. Socks, Caps and Mittens are a must in this season. Also, keep heaters at home, in case the temperature falls down extremely. Sweaters and warm blankets should always be at hand.

A balanced diet

This builds the immunity of your toddler and keeps the illnesses away. Make sure that whatever you feed your child, has a healthy balance of essential vitamins and nutrients, which is required for the overall development of the body. Also, feed them seasonal fruits and vegetables, which will provide them with enough energy throughout the day. It is imperative that if you your toddler is prone to falling sick, avoid cold stuff like cold juices and ice creams during this season.

Bath ritual

As the season changes, bathing rituals will also change. While in the summer, you might insist your toddler to have bath twice a day sometimes, in winter, it would have to be only once a day and that too with warm water. Avoid frequent head bath as the hair will not dry soon in this season.

Dress right

Layers – this is the keyword this season. Dress your child in as many as layers as is the weather that day. Also, comfortable clothing should what you should be aiming for. Avoid thin clothes this season and go for thicker clothes. For toddlers, full-sleeve, woollen clothes are the best and the most comfortable and you get a variety of winter wear in baby clothes these days.

Get all the vaccinations done

This is the most important thing. Vaccines is what provides your toddler with immunity to fight all kinds of illnesses. Make sure you have got the flu vaccine, which is the most common in this season. If not, it is high time you visit your child’s pediatrician to get one.

Being safe outdoors

It is also important that your toddler is not bundled up in front of the TV or mobiles the entire day. They need to stay outdoors too and get as much sun as possible. Make sure that they are dressed head to toe though, leaving no room for the cold air to enter your toddler.

Maintain the hygiene

Whether inside or outside, make sure their hygiene is maintained throughout. Make sure they wash their hands often, to steer clear of germs. It is also important, for you as a parent, to maintain your own hygiene in this weather. Practice what you preach and keep yourself warm and illness-free too.

When all these suggestions for winter care for babies, winter season will be a joyful one for you and your toddler. Instead of hating this dry season, they will start enjoying it more. A happy and healthy toddler makes for a happy home…after all!

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps