How to Make a Birthday Party Menu on a Budget

Birthdays are a special occasion not just for the kids, but also for moms and dads. It is bittersweet to watch your little one grow up and become bigger each year. As parents, all you want to do is make your child's day more enjoyable and memorable. You buy them gifts and throw them a birthday party where they can invite their friends and have loads of fun! However, organising a birthday party is exhausting and can be expensive. It entails getting decorations, invitation cards, guest lists and putting together a menu. Out of all of this, the hardest part is to manage all the kids once the party starts. 

Birthday Party Ideas

How do you organise a party that doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket? The answer is having a smart Menu. You can serve food on the menu that requires little investment and can be made at home using everyday items. Look for items you can get in bulk. Be it a bag of chips or burgers, looking for bulk party orders is important as items bought in bulk can lead to discounts. Another tip we have- buy something like pizza sauce which can be used to make several other items. This ensures that your food is equally delicious and easy to make.Here are some of BerryTree’s picks for the best options for birthday party menu on a budget.

Birthday Party Ideas

  • Chips: 

No, we aren’t talking about Lay’s or Doritos chips, but your local shop that offers chips to be bought in bulk. 500 gms of those chips can cost you 100 rupees, divide that between the kids and everyone’s happy. Potato chips are one of the best snacks to be served at a birthday party menu on a budget. This snack is a crowd-pleaser that all the kids will love!

  • Gulab Jamun: 

Gulab Jamun is the perfect sweet to commemorate your little one's special day. Buy it fresh or buy it from a tin, this sweet snack is a worthwhile investment. As you know, kids love eating sweets and Gulab Jamun is a favourite. Haldiram’s Gulab Jamun (1 kg tin), costs about 200 rupees. It contains 20 to 25 pieces of Gulab Jamun and is perfect for an item on the birthday party menu on a budget. An added advantage to this snack is that not only do the kids like this but the adults will also enjoy this sweet. 

  • Cheesy Monaco Bites: 

This is an easy to make delicious snack which is perfect for birthday party menu. This requires minimal effort and only a few ingredients that are available in your kitchen. This dish is perfect as you don't have to spend much time making this and it has a healthy twist to it as well! 

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

  • Mini-pizza: 

Who doesn’t love pizzas? This pizza is very simple and can be made with simple ingredients present at home. This recipe can be made with your little one and it can be a fun activity to do with your child! This dish is a good addition to a birthday party menu on a budget.

  • Chutney Sandwiches: 

This is one of the easiest things to whip up for a birthday party! This can be made with items already present in your kitchen pantry- all you need is the bread and green chutney! Add a cheese slice to it and it’s a delicacy everyone will love! This lip-smacking snack is perfect for a birthday party menu on a budget.