How to hold a Newborn Baby? Step by Step Guide

As you come home with your baby, you must be very excited about starting this new journey of motherhood. Well all this joy is often gone as you become more anxious regarding how to correctly hold the newborn. You don’t want to scare your baby under any circumstances. There is nothing to worry as long as you enlighten yourself with How to hold a Newborn Baby like a pro. Babies usually react to certain positions as they don’t feel comfortable. Now your task is to find the best position that comforts your baby.

How to hold a Newborn Baby

Washing the Hands: Washing the hands is the first and foremost step that you should begin with. The developing immune system of a baby is not ready to battle with any kind of germ. Hence, it is always wise that you wash your hands before you pick up your baby. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and lukewarm water. This also applies to any guests who might be coming over to see your baby. Don’t hesitate to tell your guests to wash their hands or use sanitizer if they want to hold the baby. Lastly, you need to wash your hands every single time before holding the baby.

Get Comfortable: You can only provide the baby with comfort if you are at comfort. So, it will be wise for you to be in a comfortable position before you hold the baby. Instead of being anxiety, be confident about the position. In addition, make sure that you are not wearing any watch or necklace that can make the baby uncomfortable. You should also get rid of any safety pin for further safety. You should also have shortened nails which otherwise can leave a scratch on your baby.

Giving the Baby Support: Choosing the position to hold your baby is not easy. You should begin by trying to hold the baby in such a position so that the head as well as the neck is supported properly. These delicate parts take time to develop and require strong support. A baby is not able to control his or her neck until the fourth month and that’s why you have to be extremely careful while holding him or her. You can place one hand under the head and another one under the bottom. There are several positions that you can try in order to hold him or her.

Choosing the Position: As you are ready to hold the baby, you can try out these positions that offer the baby with the most comfort. To begin with, you can go for the Cradle Hold. Being one of the most convenient ways to hold a baby, cradle hold lets you hold the baby at the chest level. You should be using two hands to support the back and neck respectively. The Shoulder Hold position is perfect for letting your baby rest against your shoulders. Keeping the baby’s body parallel to yours, raie him or her till the shoulder. Now support his or her head and neck with your two hands. Another position that is ideal for interacting with your baby is the Face to Face Hold. In this position, you hold the baby a little below the chest while supporting him or her with two hands. You can also hold the baby in such a position so that the baby’s belly rests on your two arms. This position is known as Belly Hold. These are the most effective 4 ways How to hold a Newborn Baby.

Be Seated: If you are not confident enough about standing and holding the baby at the same time, there is nothing to worry. You can always seat on a bed or a sofa while holding the baby. This is especially recommended for older people and children who don’t have the required capacity to hold the baby firm while standing. How to hold a Newborn Baby? step by step guide will certainly help you to master the art of holding the newborn.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps