How to find your 1 year baby girl dress for the summer.

How to find your 1 year baby girl dress for the summer??


summer dress girls 1 year 

Summer is here and, with it, some of the coolest designs for your 1 year baby girl dress. You know by now that fabrics like nylon or polyester are not wise options for summer clothes, particularly for your baby girl. Organic cotton is the best option for this warm and humid season. Why? Because it absorbs sweat and leaves your baby feeling cool and comfortable, so she can fully enjoy every activity without any irritation. This means you’re going to have to look for trendy dress options that use cotton. Cotton and trendy in the same sentence? That’s right. You don’t have to compromise style for comfort, or vice versa, anymore. With some guidance, you’ll be able to pick the trendiest styles for your 1 year baby girl dress. 

Here are some fun prints and designs in cotton that you can consider while shopping for the best 1 year baby girl dress for your princess: 

  • You can never go out of style with stripes
  • We believe that you can never go wrong with stripes- it is our go-to dress design option for everything! This uncomplicated design works well for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up your baby girl for an indoor party or a cosy day at home. Look at this organic cotton striped dress, for example. This cute grey striped baby girl dress combines functionality with style in the best manner possible and is long-lasting too. 

    summer unicorn dress girl


  • Flowers make the prettiest patterns

    One of the first things many children - and adults like us, of course - think of when we think ‘summer’ are flowers. Imagine small purple flowers on 1 year baby girl dress - there could be nothing cuter than that.  Nature serves as the best style inspiration for everything so you won’t ever have to worry about upcoming trends taking over. Take this as your sign to get cotton dresses with timeless floral prints for your baby girl this season. 

  • Bring animals right to your wardrobe 
  • Maybe your baby girl and you miss the beach or the zoo this summer but you haven’t been able to get out. Besides binge-watching  Finding Nemo and The Lion King on television with your daughter, the best thing you can do is to get her a cute dress that has whales, dolphins, and unicorn patterns on it. Not only does such a design look very cute on your baby girl, but it also sparks curiosity in her to learn more about these animals. This way, you can also turn this into a colourful lesson for your 1-year-old to know more about nature and its many marvels.  

  • Bring home the retro vibe
  • Polka dots have survived so many eras and have evolved constantly to still be a popular design option even today. Polka dot cotton dresses are cute and can make your baby girl look like a retro queen. If not dots, you can also consider stars, like this cool pink half-sleeved dress.  


    Alphabets dress for girls 1 year


    Organic cotton is one such material that remains relevant in every passing trend and lasts practically forever. Cotton dresses are even more popular in the summer because of their excellent ability to absorb water and keep one cool. This is why cotton is the best option for your 1 year baby girl dress because both comfort and style needs are met. Beat the heat this season with cotton dresses that are cute, trendy and comfortable. With these pointers in mind, you can ensure your 1-year-old-baby girl looks her best every day this summer. 


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