Food For 2 Year Old Baby To Gain Weight

If you're looking for Food For 2 Year Old Baby To Gain Weight, remember to ensure that their meals are still healthy! A 2 year old needs 5 portions of both fruit and vegetables per day, and by focusing on meals based on starchy carbohydrates, you will be helping your toddler to gain weight. Here are some ideas for weight gain foods for kids:

Food For 2 Year Old Baby To Gain Weight

Dairy/dairy alternatives

Dairy and it's alternatives are easy to include in your toddlers diet. You'll want to make sure that you're using the full fat options of any dairy products. You can give these to your 2 year old alone as a drink, or mixed with breakfast, smoothies and as a part of any sauces that you make to go with meals. You can also incorporate dairy through the use of butters, spreads, cheese and yogurts.


If you are breastfeeding your 2 year old, this continues to be one of the best ways to ensure that they are getting healthy fats – as well as numerous vitamins and minerals – as part of their diet. You can give this to your child alone, or used in the place of milk for cereals, sauces and smoothies.


Bananas are full of nutrients, easy on the stomach, and versatile. Be careful about giving your toddler too many as they can cause constipation. Bananas can be given alone as a snack, mixed into breakfast or smoothies, or beat with eggs for an easy, 2 ingredient pancake!


Avocados are delicious and full of good fats. They can be eaten alone, used as a spread or combined with milkshakes for easy ways to slip them into your toddlers diet.


Starchy foods are a great Food For 2 Year Old Baby To Gain Weight, but too much can cause tummy upset. Bake or cut into home-made chips – with the skin on for extra nutrition! Mash, or combine with other ingredients for a wholesome meal.


Eggs are a great way to add some healthy fat to your toddlers meals! Try boiled, scrambled or fried to find your toddler's favourite egg type. If they aren't particularly keen on eggs you can try incorporating them into pancakes, healthy muffins or eggy bread!


Use animal meats in curries, stews, sandwiches, rice and pasta dishes for a filling meal. You can combine with various other ingredients to achieve breakfast, lunch and dinner with different flavours.

Dried fruits & nuts

These make a great snack for your 2 year old, nuts can also be crushed and served on top of meals for a little extra, last minute nutrition. Dried fruits and nuts can be the perfect addition to breakfast, and can help to curb sweet cravings! Be aware when feeding your toddler nuts as they can be a choking hazard.

Peanut butter

Make sure to look for a healthy version of peanut butter that uses only peanuts, or make some yourself! Spread on toast, rice cakes or mix with porridge!

Olive oil

Cooking your toddler's food in olive oil is a great way to add a little extra fat to their meal, you can also stir a little olive oil into meals if not cooking with it.


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