Best Christmas Quotes To Enjoy The Season Of Joy

christmas wishesCelebrated by billions across the globe, Christmas is one of the most prominent and loved festivals in the world. Primarily a Christian festival, it has come to represent joy and hope for people of all communities and faiths. As winter comes around, one can almost feel the anticipation and festive spirit in the air, with people rushing about excitedly to purchase Christmas decorations for their homes and gifts for their loved ones. 

Merry Christmas Quotes

The Christmas season is about so much more than gifts and holiday preparations, something we’re likely to forget due to all the hustle and bustle leading up to it. So here’s a small collection of quotes to remind you of the beautiful Christmas message of celebrating family and love.

  1. "Christmas is the day that holds all time together." - Alexander Smith.
  2. "Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed." - Ann Garnett Schultz
  3. "One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don't clean it up too quickly." - Andy Rooney
  4. "The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." - Burton Hills
  5. "Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves." - Eric Severeid

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas wishes from your friends and family often take you back and help you remember the most joyful moments of the year and the people most important to you. But if you’re down with a bad case of writer’s block, here are a few words to get you started and prompt a beautiful Christmas wish!

  1. "I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy, and happiness."
  2. “May the Lord grant you and all your loved ones peace, joy and goodwill.”
  3. “Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the happiness your holiday can hold!”
  4. "We wish you a Merry Christmas! Our hearts are with you and yours, now and always."
  5. “May the true spirit of Christmas shine in your heart and light your path.”

Christmas Greetings

On this beautiful occasion of Christmas, make use of a lovely Christmas greeting to express to your loved ones just how much they mean to you.

  1. New Year? Yes, please! Here’s to better times ahead for us all! Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2021
  2. To a joyful present and a well-remembered past. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and very best wishes for the New Year.
  3. Season’s Greetings! We hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season and create beautiful memories.
  4. Warmest wishes for a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I hope you have a wonderful day!
  5. Thinking of you and your family with lots of love, hope, happiness and bliss. Thank you for giving me so many blessings this Christmas season.

Christmas Tree Decorations

A special family tradition for many, there’s nothing quite like taking part in Christmas tree decorations to get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit. The green fir tree is thought to symbolise eternal life in Christ, while the red holly and apples were considered symbols of Jesus’ blood. However, the modern use of Christmas trees is largely secular.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies

One of the most exciting instances on Christmas is the time you take a seat and unwrap all the gifts you’ve received. Here are a few Christmas gifts for the tiniest member of your family. The happy chuckle and the delight on your baby’s face will be your Christmas wish come true!

1) Berrytree Newborn Baby Onesie Grey Stars

Berrytree Newborn Baby Onesie Grey Stars

This super cute grey stars onesie is comfortable and breathable so that your baby never has to know discomfort. The clip-on buttons in the front help in an easy diaper change and the back buttons ensure that the garment is worn and removed safely. Keep your baby en vogue while making sure their skin is protected and loved.

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2) Baby Boy Gift Set (Pack of 3)

Baby Boy Gift Set

This pack-of-3 gift set is perfect for baby showers and other occasions celebrating a little one! It contains a beautiful combination of rompers/onesies to gift to a baby boy. Super soft organic cotton clothing that even the baby's mama would love! :)

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For many, Christmas is the most eagerly awaited day of the year. Be certain to make use of the above merry Christmas wishes and gifts for your loved ones, as sending heartfelt messages and letting people know how much you adore them is more important than ever in these difficult and uncertain times.