Christmas And Santa Claus Dress for Baby Boy!

Christmas And Santa Claus Dress for Baby Boy

Christmas is just around the corner! And now it is the time to go all out and buy decorations and presents for your family. Christmas has been celebrated since the 4th century AD. But, do you know the history behind the famous Christmas customs? Read along to find about the rich history of Christmas and some gift ideas for your kids this Christmas.
Santa Claus and kids
Kids love Santa Claus for the gifts he brings to them and parents love him for helping them keep children on good behaviour till Christmas. Known to all as a pot-bellied, jolly and children loving person in red clothing, Santa Claus teaches us to love and give with kindness. 
What if we told you Santa Claus is real? At least he was in the 4th century. Santa Claus is a name based on an actual person christened St. Nicholas. He was a bishop of a church in Myra and was well-liked for his selfless bestowing of gifts to the poor. 
One of his most well-known stories is about the time when he secretly gave gold sacks to three daughters of a pious gentleman to save them. 
St.Nicholas Day Vs Christmas
It can be confusing for people to differentiate between St. Nicholas Day and Christmas. But worry not! Because we are here to clear your confusion. St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, was a generous man helping others with love and selflessness. He died on the 6th of December AD 343 in Myra, and in honour of his generosity and kindheartedness, people started celebrating the 6th of December with gifts. However, In the 16th century, after King Henry the 8th separated from the catholic church, the gift-giving custom was shifted from the 6th of December to the 25th of December to coexist with Christmas.
That does not mean that people do not celebrate St. Nicholas Day. People all around the world put their shoes out on the eve of the 6th of December in hopes of St. Nicholas to come and give gifts in the shoes. Christmas or St. Nicholas day celebrations bring people closer and what can be more magical than the gift of love?
Christmas and the gifts to give your child
Now that you know about St. Nicholas and Christmas, it is time to focus all your attention on buying presents and cute outfits. For kids, Santa bringing them presents is all they need to get excited for Christmas, leaving you simply worried about their outfits. So here is a list of themed apparel one can buy for their kids this Christmas:
Santa Claus Dress For Baby Boy
A Santa Claus dress for baby boy is the perfect themed outfit for Christmas. We just can not resist this beautiful outfit when a little one is wearing it! Take a look at these cute styles based on age groups:
  1. Knitted Santa Claus dress for baby boy to enjoy a comfortable Christmas evening. 
  2. An adorable Santa Claus dress for baby boy in the form of a printed onesie.
  3. Knitted Santa Claus cap and shoes for infants.
  4. A Santa Claus Hoodie for toddlers.
Santa Claus Dress For Baby Girls
It is not only boys who can cherish the 'Santa Claus Dress for baby boy' but also baby girls. In fact, they have even more variety when it comes to Santa themed dresses: 
  1. Red sequin Santa Claus themed onesie dress for baby girls.
  2. Red velvety fabric Santa Claus dress for your little princess.
  3. Printed Christmas snow night suits
  4. Knitted Santa Claus dress along with shoes and a cap. 
Elf Costume For Both Boys And Girls
Elves are Santa's most cherished workers and, what can be better than seeing your little ones in cute green costumes?
  1. A red and green elf cloak for your little ones to keep warm.
  2. A cotton elf outfit with candy-like buttons.
  3. A green and red dress with red and white stockings for girls. 
  4. An elf hoodie with elf ears to complete the look.