Finding the Right Birthday Gift for Baby Girl

What a feeling it is to be blessed with a baby girl to your life! Wonder how to find the perfect birthday gift for a 1-year girl child? Well, worry no more! Here comes the end of your expedition to find the most beautiful birthday gift for a baby girl.

Birthdays are special for everyone. Wondering about how and what you should surprise your little princess with, this birthday? Then this post is for you. First birthday gift for your baby girl should be made special. It is your time to show how much her presence means in your life. That little one of yours might speak gibberish, but in her small world, she is a fun-loving princess who loves being pampered, spoiled & be comfy while playing! Which is why careful selection of the best gifts for your 1-year-old baby girl becomes a must.

Gift for 1-Year Baby Girl

While you won’t miss any chance to capture any moment of your kid growing up, dress up your pretty princess on their special day. There can’t be a better gift for your 1-year baby girl than a perfectly comfortable dress. To find that one perfect dress you have to keep many things in mind like the style, the sizing,  the design and most importantly, the comfort. Buying the right dress for a baby girl is simple when you keep these things in mind. BerryTree comes with these amazing dresses that not only understand your concern of comfort but also acquaint with trend and fashion. 

Gift for 1-year baby girl

While you keep wondering what would be the best pick for your baby girl’s needs, try picking this ultra soft rabbit print top for your little girl's comfort. Try pairing it up with a cute little dungaree or a chic skirt and matching accessories that would make all eyes go “aww”. This sleeved t-shirt is soft which allows for movement without making your little one feel restricted and keep her running all day long. This top is hand made with soft organic cotton, which is comfortably soft and has an airy fit. Non-toxic colours are added keeping in mind your child’s safety.

Birthday Gift for 2 Year Baby Girl

Summer wardrobe can be full of classy and stylish dresses. For a classic wardrobe addition during winter, this blue sweatshirt is the pop of colour your baby's closet needs. Made with organic cotton, this sweatshirt is comfortable and keeps your little one cosy on those chilly nights. The fabric is soft that allows for movement while being gentle on your child's skin. Hand made with soft organic cotton this sweatshirt is stretchable for easy wear and would brighten up your child on her special day. Durability combined with the super-soft texture of the fabric makes BerryTree’s clothing an investment that practically pays for itself when you see your little one laughing and playing comfortably.

Birthday Gift for 2 Year Baby Girl

By the time your princess turns two, she has already developed a sense of fashion and has selected the way she wants to see herself dress up. She might have made a group of friends whose birthday parties you are invited to. If you are worried about where to find the perfect gift for a 2-year-old baby girl, take a look at BerryTree’s organic and comfortable dresses. It makes up to wardrobe staple for the days when minimalism is the fashion trend for baby girls. Superior comfort combined with the functional design makes this dress a great choice for smart casual wear for your kid. 

Baby girl dress

Also how about a well thought out gift? Kids are the fastest learners. The novelty in everything excites them. To lift their spirit of learning, this alphabet print dress makes the perfect gift for 2-year baby girl. This alphabet print dress is as cute as it is comfortable. Made with organic cotton and lots of love, it is perfect for everyday use and is bound to become a style staple for every diva in the summer. 

Birthday Gift for Baby Girl of 3 to 8Years

Night suits could be a good option for a birthday gift for baby girls. For a long and peaceful night’s sleep, wearing a comfortable dress to bed is the way to make it better. If you are looking for a breathable fabric that makes the night time of your little ones extra comfortable, try this extremely cute and adorable classic red stripes design. BerryTree’s super comfortable collection never goes out of fashion.

Best Baby Girl Dress

If your little girl is a pretty rockstar with ambition and has grown her interests in space and aviation, this night suit with cute graphics is the perfect addition to their aviation closet. Fly high Little one! BerryTree’s adorable designs add to your baby girl’s personality as they have selectively chosen cute graphics, dynamic colours, and a wide range of high-quality choices for their wardrobe and collection.

baby girl clothes

Give your fashionable daughter a chance to flaunt her sense of fashion and choice. Whether she’s stepping out for a play-date or running around for a day of extracurriculars, comfort is what she seeks. BerryTree is the one-stop online brand that stores a collection of clothing that comes in chic, trendy designs and extremely fashionable colours. You can be sure to find the perfect outfit for the modern princess to rock. Take this fish print gown dress for instance. This gown is a closet staple for kids that are on the move. Combining comfort with fashion, this dress is perfect for party wear and smart-casual outings. It is highly functional and breathable to keep your little girl moving freely!

fish print dress

For the little girls that rule the world, fashion and function need to come in cute designs and playful clothing. These clothes for girls make perfect outfits for parties and outings and are a great addition to their smart-casual wardrobe. Once your baby girl grows up, you could give your baby girl the things you keep pending every time she throws tantrums while you go shopping. Until the time she can’t speak it herself, dress her up pretty smart and classy for photos on special occasions. You won’t be able to deny appreciation for being the cool and classy mom once your little princess grows up and has her own wardrobe.