Best Way To Dress Up & Selection of Baby Girl Special Occasion Dresses

Finding the perfect baby dresses for special occasions is definitely a challenge. Be it a wedding or an intimate family gathering, you want your little one to stand out. Remember, your child can only look good when they feel good, too. Make sure to buy clothes that fit them well and are made with the most comfortable of fabrics. While shopping, whether offline or online, it is not difficult to feel overwhelmed by the variety of adorable clothing for babies. It is then, you must ask yourself “Although it looks cute, will my little one be comfortable wearing it for a long period of time?”. Many of these adorable looking baby dresses for special occasions end up making your precious one uncomfortable and itchy, sometimes even leaving them with skin rashes and infections. This blog is aimed to help parents who struggle with this situation.From weddings to birthday parties, here’s Berrytree’s ultimate guide to buying baby dresses for special occasions. 

Baby Girl Special Occasion Dresses

  • Birthday parties:

Birthday parties are a great way to ensure that your baby gets comfortable in social situations. They help your baby get acquainted with the people around you and even gives your little one the push that they need to develop a bond with the people closest to you. On such an occasion, you would want your baby to wear something that makes them look adorable and feel comfortable so that their main focus is on interacting with their surroundings. Our Berrytree Organic Cotton Baby Romper White Stars Red does exactly that. It makes for one of the most perfect baby dresses for special occasions as it’s bright red colour makes your baby the centre of attention while the organic cotton provides them with comfortable and airy fit with a special focus on the ease of their movement. 

  • Family Gatherings: 

Family gatherings are an occasion where everyone around you is excited to meet your baby, therefore it is essential that you focus on your little one's comfort. This is important because if your little one is comfortable then they will not get overwhelmed with meeting so many people at once. As an added bonus, you too will be able to enjoy the gathering. For such occasions, our Berrytree Organic Cotton Baby Romper Blue comes to the rescue. This is one of the simple yet cute baby dresses for special occasions and serves as a way to make your baby look absolutely adorable to impress your loved ones. This organic cotton romper gives it a light and soft feel and keeps your child very comfortable all day long. 

  • Festivals: 

Festivals are the best occasion to dress up your child in traditional wear. It is a way for you to understand how comfortable they feel in traditional clothes. Fab India is an ethnic wear label that makes clothes for infants out of the highest quality cotton and silk. For your little baby boy, kurtas are the best choice to get them used to traditional wear. Fab India’s Cotton Embroidered Long Kurta is made out of cotton with subtle embroidery on it that make your little one look like a prince. Fab India has an extensive collection of lehenga choli and Salwar suits, but to start off your little girl with baby dresses for special occasions you can choose this elegant Cotton and Silk Embroidered Frock that will make your little princess look beautiful.

    Your baby's first New Year's Eve is a big celebration as your friends and family come together to celebrate the ending of a special year and the beginning of another great one. Most of these gatherings take place outside and it would be advisable for you to carry light blankets and dress your baby up accordingly. We recommend that you layer your baby dresses for special occasions starting with an organic cotton onesie and then you layer cots wool warm clothing over that and wrap them up in a light blanket. Although, if they are uncomfortable at any point, you could remove the blanket. For the base onesie, we suggest our Berrytree Organic Cotton Onesie Peter Pan Pink. This onesie is formal with its cute collar and beautiful polka dot print, it suits the occasion and fits your baby very well. It keeps your precious one safe, comfortable and provides for easy diaper changes. 

    • Weddings:

      Weddings are an occasion to dress up your baby in the fanciest way possible. For boys, parents can opt for charming kurta and pyjamas and you can doll up your baby girl in pretty lehenga cholis. Wedding season is the time to show off your finest clothes so why not splurge and buy your baby dresses for special occasions that look stunning on your little one. Fab India is in ethnic wear company that makes these beautiful traditional clothing for kids made out of the best quality cotton and silk. This Cotton Kite Print Pyjama Set is a beautiful blue printed kurta and pyjama that looks simple on the outside but it makes your little baby boy look charming and handsome and this amazing Cotton Silk 2 Piece Lehenga Set will make your baby girl shine bright in the crowd!

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