The 3 Best High Chairs for Babies India

best high chairs for babies India


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Once your child hits the 4-6 months mark, feeding them is certainly no simple task. As your little ones become more active and energetic, getting them a high chair becomes a necessity and is the most convenient way to make them sit in one place and help them switch to solid foods with least hassle. This is because the elevation provided by the chairs makes the task of feeding incredibly easy as we do not have to bend down every time to feed our little tots.  

How to Choose the Best High Chairs for You and Your Baby?


high chairs for babies india


Usually, babies require a high chair from 4-6 months up to  3 years of age, so picking out the right high chair for your baby is significant. Here’s how you can figure out which baby high chair is best:

Does it make for easy maintenance?

When your growing toddler makes their early attempts at eating on their own, the importance of having a high chair that’s easy to clean becomes apparent. Your little one is likely to spill and spatter all over the chair, so one that perhaps comes with detachable parts and thus can be easily wiped down is the smartest option. 

Is the high chair easily portable?

Many of the high chair models available in the market can be bulky and quite difficult to store, which is a substantial snag for families that do not have much space to spare in the kitchen or dining room. A smaller, portable model may then fit the requirements perfectly.  

Is the high chair comfortable for your little one?

A high chair with soft and supple padding on a similarly snug seat will add to your baby’s comfort and helps to keep them in better spirits during mealtimes. 

Does it fit in with the rest of your décor?

Though this should be last on your list of priorities while shopping for best high chairs for babies and toddlers, a huge variety of designs, colours and materials to choose from allows you to pick out a high chair that is safe and convenient for your baby, as well as complements your interiors. 

High Chair Safety Tips to Keep in Mind


Safety is a critical aspect to be considered while purchasing a high chair for your baby. You must ensure that the high chair meets the safety standard and is certified by the concerned association so that it can be a secure space for your little one to first explore the exquisite delight that is food. Here are a few pointers to help choose the safest high chairs for babies. 

Avoid high chairs with wide-set legs

High chairs should have sturdy legs that aren’t too wide-set, as those can always be a tripping hazard for unsuspecting guests and family alike. 

Purchase a chair strictly in accordance with the height and weight regulations. 

Parents can afford absolutely no leeway when it comes to the height and weight regulations, these help avoid any risk and ensures that your little one is sitting safely in the chair. 

The chair must have a wide, well-balanced footprint. 

The presence of such a footprint confirms that your baby cannot tip the chair over, even when they get bigger. So, a wide footprint is a constant feature in the best high chairs for bigger babies. 

Straps For Utmost Safety. 

At the very least, a high chair must have a T-style safety strap, which can give your baby a safe and snug fit. This can prevent curious toddlers from the danger of going exploring unattended. 

List of Top High Chairs for Babies

Now let’s take a look at a few top rated high chairs for babies, curated by BerryTree, for your little angel’s ultimate comfort. 

R for Rabbit Marshmallow The Smart High Chair



This high chair comes with premium features such as 3 recline positions, 7 level adjustment heights as well as a 5 point safety harness. It is in compliance with the European Safety Standards set for baby high chairs, an assuring factor for many parents. It also has a smart folding function which makes it the ideal high chair in narrow spaces, and its backrest design gives high comfort to your baby. 

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Luvlap Royal Highchair with 7 Height Levels, 3 Position Seat Recline and Wheels 



This high chair comes with a 5-point safety harness designed to hold your baby safely. The recline feature also allows you to relax your baby in different positions and provides more space as the child grows. The removable and washable dining tray assists in keeping the experience hygienic for your little one. 

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Chicco Polly Easy Highchair – Birdland



Next on the list is this Birdland high chair with an attractive pattern that will appeal to your baby. The seat is well-padded to ensure that your precious one can settle into it without any discomfort. It is also foldable and lightweight, a major plus for compact spaces. 

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Now that you’re aware of the various features and safety tips to consider while purchasing the chair, as well as the terrific recommendations provided by BerryTree, it’s time to make your choice and select the best high chair for your baby!