Best Baby Names for Boys and Girls in 2022

    Best baby name ideas 2022- 

                            unique names for boys and girls with meaning

Are you tired of updating the 'notes' app on your phone with baby names and still think all of them are too common? It is a tough job to decide to name your baby when everything seems overused. Even when you think you've found the perfect name, your next-door neighbour might share their baby announcement with the same name! That's why we have curated 100 unique and creative baby names with their meanings to help you make a list of what you might want to name your little one. 

Let's start with Baby Girl Names:

Aahana - First rays of the sun, Inner light, Immortal

Amaira- Forever beautiful and elegant

Akira- Graceful Strength

Bhuvi- Heaven

Barkha- Rain

Charvi- Beautiful 

Chitrika- Spring

Chaina- Peace

Dhivija- Born for performing great things

Ditya- Answer of Prayers

Dhita- Beloved Daughter

Eeshani- Close to God, Name of Goddess Durga

Eira- Snow, The Earth

Ekani- One and only

Fariba- Mesmerizing, Charming

Farishta- Angel

Girija- Daughter of the mountain

Gauhar- Gem, Jewel, Noble

Geethika- A light song

Hanithra- a beautiful night

Hasini- Pleasant, Delightful

Idika- The earth

Idris- Lord, Studious

Ihitha- Desire

Jeiya- Sweet Heart

Jhalak- Glimpse, Spark

Kavya- Poetry in motion, Laden with sentiment,

Kanika- Atom, Seed, Gold

Kuvira- Courageous Woman

Laveena- Loveable, Lord of Beauty

Lavanya- Grace, Beauty

Lekisha- Life

Maina- A Bird

Malini- Florist, a river

Naisha- Special

Naira- Shining, Glittering

Nagma- Song, Melody

Ojal- Vision

Ojasvi- Bright

Ovya- Artist, Beautiful Drawing

Pavani- Full Moon

Padmaja- Born from lotus, Lakshmi

Qiyara- Very Pretty

Qahira- The one who wins

Raksha- To guard against evil, To protect

Raga- Melody, Musical Rhythm 

Saesha- With great Desire and Wish

Samaira- Enchanting, Protected by God

Sahana- Patience

Tapasi- A female ascetic

Triveni- a confluence of three sacred rivers Ganga or Yamuna and Saraswati

Taraksh- Mountain

Triyog- Controlling all three dimensions

Urmi- Wave

Udita- One who has Risen

Viyomi- Sky

Vritti- Nature

Vahini- Flower

Waheeda- Unique

Waida- Promise

Yashi- Glory

Yashica- Success

Yuvika- Young girl or woman

Zayna- Beauty, Grace

Zivah- Radiance, Brilliance

Now let’s see some Baby Boy Names:

Aarin- In Hebrew, it means mountain strength

Arush- First ray of sun

Avik- Brave

Benoy- Polite

Bhavit- Impress, Astonish

Charun- One with beautiful eyes

Chahel- Good cheer

Dhariya- Patience

Darsh- Lord Krishna

Divit- Heavenly, Reaching for the sky

Eshin- Understanding mind, Wisdom

Eijas- Blessings

Faaz- Victorious, Successful

Falak- The Heaven above

Gaurik- Lord Ganesha

Geeth- Song, Poem, Chant

Hiren- Lord of Diamond

Himanshu- The moon

Hriday- Of the heart and soul

Ivaan- God’s gracious and glorious gift

Ikshan- Sight, Eye, Care

Jagat- World

Jaiman- Victorious

Kairav- White Lotus

Kuldeep- Light of family

Kiaan- Grace of God

Lakshit- Target, Goal

Lokit- Enlightened

Maan- Someone who is respected

Meer- Worth of Admiration

Nadeen- Ocean

Nirvin- Happiness and Bliss

Nishith- Midnight

Omav- Avatar of Om, Incarnation of God

Ovin- Handsome

Paarthav- Stable and pure at heart

Prayan- Supreme intelligent

Qadim- Ancient

Qais- Lover

Ryaan- Little King

Reyansh- Part of a stream

Rahas- Merriment delight

Sarvesh- Lord of all

Saahan- Long life

Tanan- Happy and cheerful soul

Taarush- Conqueror

Udarsh- Brimming

Uddip- Giving light

Umang- Enthusiasm

Vihaan- Dawn

Vedh- Faithful, Pious

Wali- Protector

Wafir- Plenty

Yaksh- Representative of God

Yukt- Precious

Zian- Self peace

Zain- Radiance, Excellence

Zeehan- Brightness, Whiteness

What are you waiting for? Start short-listing and discuss these rare and creative names with your family and friends!