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OCTOBER 9, 2017

Right from baby loving clothes, everything needs to be just perfect for us mothers- it is what gives us a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. I personally am a crazy person when I go shopping for my children, and my husband makes sure he doesn’t come along  (Reason being, I check EVERYTHING -which he finds really annoying); I need to check the quality of clothes. I need to check what materials the clothes are made of – and anything ticks me off- when it is just not RIGHT for my kids……

So, ORGANIC is something that has really caught up with mothers these days, and I feel that it is important to know what we put on our kids tender skin. I am always on a look out for good clothes for my children and I happen to be “Instagramming” when I stumbled upon Berry Tree Organics. The description had “Organic cotton clothes for babies and more!” and I had to check it out. The  prints of the clothes is what drew me the most! I was in love! A quick conversation with the team and I was happy that they were open to collaboration with us  *YAY*


About Berry Tree Organics: baby loving clothes

At  , we do crazy things for babies. Whether its food, a fancy romper, a classic onesie or a stylish blanket, we develop it with all our heart.
What began as a baby food startup has now blossomed into full baby products one-stop- shop. Our exclusive range is made with great care and incredible efforts to ensure highest utility with utmost comfort. We believe in the ‘Organic’ way of life and stress on using organic raw materials only. Most of these are sourced from remote parts of the world where there’s less pollution and minimal urbanization. All our products are clean and free of tacky chemicals. We trust only the best to give you the best.
Wait no more and join us in making this world a better place.
Your babies will love us.
What we got?
The Berry Tree Organics team were kind enough to send across 4 cozy set of clothing, 2 for my daughter aged 3

and 2 for my naughty nephew who is 18 month old!

we received :
1. Berrytree Grey Stripes Frock (3-4 years) – INR 1200
This frock is made of Organic cotton, which is comfortable to be worn all through the year. Being full sleeved it provides the much needed protection to the children even to their hands when they are out to play. I love that this frock is has a little stretch to it, so it doesn’t have a snug feeling to it.  The buttons at the back are easy to snap on and are not uncomfortable to my child’s skin!  My daughter loves frocks! and loves to just twirl over and over again when she wears one.

2. Berrytree Pink Rabbit Frock (24-36 months) – INR 900

My daughter LOVES pink! And rabbits too! This was the very first one she picked out to wear when I showed her the frocks. I love the side snap buttons on this frock which allows easy wear and removal of the frock. I teamed this frock with a pair of leggings :). The baby pink looked really flattering on my cutie and she loved this frock the most!

3. Berrytree Grey Striped Romper (12-18 months) – INR 1000
Children look the purest in earthy and light colours, and my naughty nephew looked like an angel when we made him wear this romper. It fit him perfectly and being baby friendly material was really comfortable for him. Usually fussy about clothes that he wears at this age, he was non-fussy when we put this on him.  The snap buttons on the side allows easy wearing from the head, and the snap buttons at the legs are easy to snap on and out off. Guess there is just another Berry Tree fan we have in our household now

4. Berrytree Sweatshirt Blue (12-18 months) -INR 1100
What I loved most about this sweatshirt is how light it feels, nut how warm it still keeps the baby without making him feeling fussy. The plus was that this was a hoodie, so perfect for the evenings, which are now getting cold, helping us to keep the ears covered and keeping the baby comfortably warm. The drawstring on the hoodie is just perfect to tie the hoodie as per your child’s head size. My nephew loves the cute yellow elephant detail on the shirt. And not to forget two cute little pockets that you can store little essentials of your kiddos.
Mommy Likes:
Baby friendly
has products for children aged 0 months to over 6 years
has a range of baby food – organic
ships internationally
free of chemicals and other harmful materials
made with pure love! #madewithlove

Mommy Dislikes:
a bit pricey – but I guess worth the money because of the products being Organic

Overall Verdict: It is important to make your child comfortable, especially when you step out of the house, so that they have a good time too , and let you have some good time too. The key to that would be dressing your children in comfortable clothing, and BerryTree got you covered! Head over to their website and check out their amazing collection of baby and child friendly products that is loved by mothers and babies alike.


Mommy Rating: 5/5

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P.S – Berry Tree Organics was kind to send us these organic wear for review. The opinions expressed are our own



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed/shared in the blog above are personal opinions of the writer. Berrytree recommends you consult with your doctor/pediatrician/family before instinctively following any suggested steps