Baby Girls Dresses For Special Occasions

Dressing little girls is always a challenge considering the wide variety of options available. Be it online shopping or a visit to various stores, you are faced with multiple options to make your little girl look fabulous and adorable. And let's face it, it is 2020 and gender roles shouldn’t matter as much; which makes it even more difficult to decide the perfect outfit that also needs to be comfortable. This article is a guide to help you understand how to pick the best options for your baby girls dresses for special occasions.

Baby Girls Dresses for Special Occasions

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But first, let us look at the few criteria for a good outfit-

  • Comfort- No matter what age you are at, comfort is always the top priority (as it should be). And especially when you are dressing up a little child, their comfort plays a huge role in styling them. Because unlike some adults, kids definitely will not tolerate harsh material just for the sake of looking good and neither should adults! Things such as right measurements, good quality fabric, and protective layers affect the comfort level of clothing.
    • fabric, and protective layers affect the comfort level of clothing.
    • Balance- Understanding what looks good is a tough job. Whic
  • Balance- Understanding what looks good is a tough job. Which is why you need to mix and match all the time. You want your child to stand out at a party but not in a bad way. So balancing of colours is important. If the top looks designer and printed, balance it out with some cute solid pants or a skirt. Do your research, look at pictures, and check out how designers come up with the most satisfying casual or fancy outfits. A little inspiration like that will help you understand the modern trends and styles.
  • Healthy opinions- It is always helpful to have a perspective other than that of your own. Ask a close friend or a family member for an honest opinion and see how they feel about your little one’s outfit. And of course, be open-minded. Maybe even let your toddler decide and help pick out her outfit. It is a great way to understand her taste and develop a sense of creativity and confidence.


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These three points will help you get an idea to pick the right outfit for your little princess. Now that we have cleared out the basic ways to pick out the best outfits, let us take a look at deciding baby girls dresses for special occasions. 

Here are some ways to figure out baby girls dresses for special occasions-

  • Weddings- Let's be honest. Weddings are tedious, long and often boring. And doesn’t matter how fun it is for you, your kids are often bored and will get annoyed. So for such occasions, it is important to put comfort as the main priority. Organic cotton is good for hot weather conditions. As for the look, traditional is the way to go. (Tip- keep an extra comfortable/western outfit with you just in case your little one feels like changing and gets annoyed. Our Berrytree collection of clothing for little girls is extremely adorable. Berrytree comes with a wide variety of adorable clothes for stylish alternative baby girls dresses for special occasions which are comfortable and look fabulous.)
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  • Birthdays- Birthday parties, be it your own kid’s or someone else’s, are all about feeling good and having a lot of fun. It is ideal to make your baby girl look her best and feel as comfortable so she can play around as much as she wants. On such occasions, you need something fancy and stylish that also makes your princess feel special. Frocks and gowns are the best way to ensure your child’s comfort and get a sweet look which is just right. Head to our adorable collection for the most stylish and cute looks to enhance your child’s birthday experience.
      • Festivals- Festivals are important to bring in a little culture in your little one’s life. And in such times, traditional works the best. It is best to decide your baby girls dresses for special occasions depending on the festival; for occasions like Diwali or Eid, don’t hold yourself back and go completely authentic with an adorable lehenga or salwar kameez which are light and look fashionable. Occasions such as Christmas dinner and new year’s eve, your child needs to feel warm and comfortable. BerryTree comes with a brilliant collection of cute sweatshirts and hoodies that are made from the best quality organic cotton. Our amazing fabrics are soft and are made for your little one’s comfort.

When it comes to picking the right clothes for baby girls dresses for special occasions, you will realise that the market is full of different choices. You can select an outfit according to the event, the requirement, the fabric, and so many other ways. If you are shopping for a new pick in such a scenario, it is always helpful to shop according to the event and place.