An essential guide to kid's Christmas Dresses

Your essential guide to Kids Christmas Dresses this year

The Christmas season is here!

It is time to put out those decorations and start choosing the perfect Christmas outfit for you and your family. Even though it might seem like an easy task at first, it gets tricky once you have to choose a Kids Christmas dress that is both comfortable and charming. 

To help ease your confusion, we have prepared this guide so you can make the perfect choice without compromising on cuteness. 

Red all the way

While we love all the Christmas colours like red, green, white and blue, Red is the most festive and jolly colour of them all. 

If you're adding it to the decor, why not add a hint of red to your Kid's Christmas Dresses this year! 

Choose an outfit that is soft and cosy while also making sure it has all the prints your little one would love. Check out trendy printed rompers, dresses, and night suits like Red cars, Lollipops, Donuts, superheroes, Checked warm night suit, and Fish print Dress

Christmas Blues and Greens

If you think Red does not qualify as the subtle look you're going for, there are always two more beautiful Christmas colours that you can choose from- Blue and Green. Some great Kids Christmas Dresses in these colours would be the Blue warm Christmas Snow night suit and the Green Cars Night suit for both boys and girls.  

One-piece Wonders

Never underestimate the wonders of comfortable outfits as Onesies and Rompers. They are the ultimate parenting hack towards a practical, comfy, and stylish outfit. So look no further than a certified Organic cotton brand like Berrytree that has a huge variety of trendy prints in One-pieces that could make your Kid's Christmas Dress this year. Some of the prints that would look perfect for the celebration would be the Organic Cotton white dungaree, Starry White Onesie, Paper Planes Romper, Balloons Romper, and the subtle Grey Stripes Romper.

Suit Up!

Santa will add to the top of the list after this one!

Since Christmas comes only once a year, why not go all the way and dress your little ones in cute little Suits, Tuxedos, Flare Kids Christmas Dresses, and suspenders?! They will be the star of the party, and you can have that much-needed Fancy photoshoot session of yours. 

Add in a bowtie for the Suit and a cute little headband for the dresses to make the look complete. 

Mix n Match

Since festivals are about colours, why not experiment and mix it up this Christmas? Pair cute Onesies and Dungarees with printed easy pants or leggings to get that extra warmth and colour pop. Make your Kid's Christmas Dresses interesting this year. You can create all kinds of combinations and maybe even let your baby decide! This way they can wear the outfit of their choice, and you get to see how creative they get. Some easy pant prints to look out for are Farm, Race, and Trucks prints. 

Sweatshirt Swag

If your Kid prefers something simple as their Christmas Dress this year, Sweatshirts would be the perfect pick for you. They are not a hassle to wear and remove, and keep you warm throughout. Make sure you choose an Organic Cotton sweatshirt as it will be comfortable, and feel soft and gentle on their skin. A basic yet stylish option is Solid Grey Hoodie.

We hope this guide helped you in choosing the perfect Kids Christmas Dress this season that they'll love to wear, and probably comfortably fall asleep in.