All you need in your diaper bag- Essentials only :)

A guide to newborn baby diaper bag essentials

Newborn baby diaper bag essentials consist of many things as a diaper bag is vital in your daily life. Be it on a trip or even a simple outing, diaper bags always play a role in easing things and making your overall experience much more enjoyable both for the baby and you. Starting with the basics,  newborn baby diaper bag essentials should be carefully looked at. A diaper bag, also known as a nappy bag, is a storage bag with several pockets large enough to hold everything needed by someone caring for a baby on a typical short outing.

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These backpacks aren't always made specifically for diapers; any well-pocketed bag sized between a child's school backpack and an adult pro-camping backpack can be used. Diapers are the most obvious case. A reasonable rule of thumb is to bring enough for 1-2 days of outings that will last a few hours. Depending on the age of your child, you should change his or her diaper every two hours on average, so 10-12 diapers is a fair number. Of course, if you'll be gone for a long time, bring more!

 Swaddles and soft blankets are a great help in doing the same. These are used to firmly wrap the infant in them so that just their head is seen. When you go on holidays, the remainder of their body is snug within the blanket, which may assist the youngest infants to feel like they're still inside the womb, offering a comfortable night's sleep for both the parent and the baby. A great option for these swaddles is this Pink Rabbit Swaddle made with breathable cotton and naturally germ-free material. 

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Extra toys are a must for the baby. Make sure you are packing his or her favourite ones as they may even make or break a baby’s full trip. For a baby old enough, snacks should be a priority as the little ones are always hungry. Poop bags, changing pads and first aid kids are also a part of newborn baby diaper bag essentials.

But one of the most crucial elements of the newborn baby diaper bag essentials, sometimes overlooked, is without a doubt, the clothing.  Onesies, which are a one-piece, close-fitting, lightweight garment with sleeves that leave the legs exposed and are fastened at the crotch with press studs are some of the most comfortable clothes a baby could be made to wear. Onesies are worn by babies to hide their diapers, hence being all the more important to diaper bags. These Grey Stars Bold Onesies are an excellent choice for the perfect diaper bags. Wide at the bottom for easy diapering, they should be a priority in your diaper bags.

 The newborn baby diaper bag essentials include diapers, but don't forget to stock up on wipes and diaper rash medication as well. Back-ups (of diapers, wipes, and baby clothes) are also a good idea to bring in case of an emergency. The parent’s nutrition is also crucial! It's never a terrible idea to bring more snacks than you think you'll need.

When it comes to new babies there can be a lot of unfamiliar territories, thus you must find your perfect checklist for your newborn baby diaper bag essentials. 

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