Affordable Organic Baby Clothes & Clothing Brands

organic baby cloths brands

Affordable Organic Baby Clothes With Organic Clothing becoming SOMETHING, there are now Several Clothing Brands selling affordable fashion. The best part about organic clothing brands in India is that they source their material from communities across India, helping to support local welfare. We've selected a few of the best organic clothing brands based on sustainability, fashion and cost!

Affordable Organic Baby Clothes & Clothing Brands


Of course, our favourite and absolutely lovely. They’re actually the pioneers in this field of Affordable Organic Baby Clothes & cotton clothing, especially for kids. They have huge range of collection for babies, from onesies to romper, swaddles to sweatshirts. The materials are sourced from remote parts on the country and are carefully made into some really cool garments. The idea is simple, no chemicals, whatsoever. Try them, you’ll love them too.

No Nasties

No Nasties is partnered with Fairtrade India and UnLtd India – a project that supports entrepreneurs, helping the talented to be recognised! The brand are transparent about their supply chain, something that is an important factor in being a reliably organic and sustainable company. Their website contains information about where their fabric is sourced from; small scale farmers and fairtrade farms in India, who are compensated with a fair wage. The brand also have a project which gives income to the women in farming villages, where otherwise they would likely have nothing. The clothes themselves are minimal in design and centre around day-to-day wear.

Forty Red Bangles

Forty Red Bangles was created by an Indian woman living in Australia, who has now relocated to India to grow the brand. It works with artisan groups in rural India and uses finest-quality, eco-friendly materials. The stock is made up of elegant and earthy coloured items, and you can find clothes, kidswear, accessories as well as toys! The company celebrated sustainability and design, whilst using only organic sources.

Brown Boy

At Brown Boy you will find minimalist clothing with a bohemian style, coloured with non-toxic dyes. All of the clothes are made in India, and the companies ethos is to enlighten people as to what is happening to the world as a result of large scale clothing companies teamed with our fashion choices.

The Pot Plant

The Pot Plant is an ethical brand stocking a variety of both casual and trendy clothes, where you're sure to find something that you love for any occasion!


Anokhi is a great option for the bold dresser who wants to stand out. Their items sport block prints using vegetable colour dyes in contemporary cuts. The ideals of the brand lie in conservation and development, as well as the revival of traditional textile skills.


Upasana is a clothing brand that have developed a number of special projects that work with communities across India. The brand look at giving help for social issues, such as natural disasters, in order to exercise change and form solutions. Their aim is to create stylish fashion at no cost to the environment.


H&M is a popular high street brand with accessible and affordable fashion. They stock a large range of 'conscious' clothing, using organic materials at incredibly affordable prices. Whilst we can't yet label them as an 'organic clothing brand', we can consider the fact that they have pledged to be 100% climate positive by 2040, whilst using only recycled or sustainable materials by 2030. Whilst they have be named as one of the most ethical companies in the world, they do still operate under a 'fast fashion' and unsustainable model.

These are just a few of the most Affordable Organic Baby Clothes & clothing brands. With a variety of trends, styles and designs, you're sure to find more than one thing you love from these retailers!

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