A Helpful Guide on the Best Fabrics to buy for Baby Girl Ethnic Wear

Whether it is a wedding or a traditional day at her school, your little baby girl always wants to look good. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make her ‘look and feel good’, but that is so tough to do with baby girl ethnic wear. While online shopping, it is so easy to get carried away by that beautiful set of pink lace lehenga-choli that you forget to ask yourself an important question ‘Will this baby girl ethnic wear be comfortable for her?’. So, when the same dress arrives at your home, your little one can’t wear it for more than ten minutes without feeling itchy and uncomfortable. We understand that dilemma so here’s a helpful guide on buying the best fabrics for kids ethnic wear.

girl ethnic wear

While choosing dresses for your baby girl, always make sure that it has a cotton lining underneath so that the material (however good quality it might be) doesn’t irritate her skin. Make sure to opt-out of buying clothes with synthetic fabrics. Those fabrics don’t let your little one’s skin breathe. They also don’t absorb sweat like other natural fabrics. You might also want to avoid clothes with heavy beadwork or detailing with crystals.

Baby Girl Ethnic Wear Guide 

  • Organic Cotton: 

Especially in summer, ensure your baby girl ethnic wear is made from organic cotton since conventional cotton is made using many different chemicals and toxins that are harmful to your child and might irritate their skin. Organic cotton not only keeps your baby girl comfortable and cool but it also makes for a great fabric for ethnic wear for kids. The feel of organic cotton is much better than conventional cotton as it is softer and more comfortable for your child. Organic cotton is naturally germ-free, mould-resistant and soft. This significantly reduces the chance of skin allergies troubling your baby girls’ skin. Check out our organic cotton collection for baby girls here.

  • Organic Silk:

Organic Silk is ideal for little ones with sensitive skin as it is very gentle and soft on your baby girl’s skin. It keeps dry and is extremely absorbent and it absorbs thirty per cent of its weight in moisture. Organic silk is free from all the harmful chemicals and toxins as organic silkworms only consume organic mulberry leaves. It has an excellent thermal capacity as it is temperature-regulating, it keeps your baby girl warm. Ethnic baby girl dresses made from silk are not too heavy so you need not layer a lot while dressing your baby girl, making it the ideal fabric your kids ethnic wear. 


  • Cotswool:

Cotswool is a fabric that is produced by spinning cotton and wool together to form a mixed yarn which in turn, makes cotswool fabric.  It is ideal for those winter weddings that you attend with your little one, a cotswool Kutchi jacket is a great example of using this fabric! This fabric combines the warmth of wool with the comfort of cotton, making your baby girl ethnic wear warm and comfortable. 

  • Mul Cotton:

Mul cotton is one of the most reliable fabrics in India. Most of the good quality baby girl ethnic wear is made out of this fabric. It is less toxic compared to conventional cotton and it doesn’t cause irritation or itchiness. Mul Cotton can withstand all types of temperatures,  weathers, and climates. It also provides enough insulation to keep your baby girl warm without sticking to her skin. It is also known to be durable, hence they can be hand-washed or washed using washing machines without the fear of it becoming fuzzy or old quickly.

  • Muslin:

100% cotton Muslin is the most ideal fabric as a replacement for itchy tulle. It is breathable and gentle on your baby girl’s skin. It is used as a fabric for anarkali’s or for making dupattas. Muslin is also a flexible fabric and gently stretches without being too itchy. It is an extremely durable fabric and it is known to get softer every time you wash it. Additionally, Organic muslin fabrics are free from chemicals and harmful substances, making them 100% safe and ideal for your baby girl ethnic wear and her skin.

  • Linen: 

Linen is an ideal fabric for kurtas for your little ones, it is made from the stalks of flax plants that require little to no fertilizer and can grow in tough conditions. It is considered to be the strongest of all-natural fibres and studies show that it is extremely durable and gets softer with every wash. Linen fabric is lightweight hence they allows more airflow over your baby girl’s skin.  It’s highly absorbent as it absorbs up to twenty per cent in moisture. Most kids linen apparels are shown to naturally repel insects like moths, so linen baby girl ethnic wear will keep your cutie safe and warm.