A Helpful Guide For The Perfect Return Gifts For Birthday

return gift ideas for kids

Celebrating your kid’s birthday is an occasion full of joy and fun but also... absolute chaos. What can you expect with a room full of 20 children and just 2 adults supervising them? Nevertheless, you click pictures, you cut a cake and you organise fun birthday party games! When the party ends, you give out return gifts for birthday parties that is the part that excites all the kids (and even their parents sometimes!) So, how do you find the best return gifts for kids birthday parties? 

A few general things to keep in mind while giving return gifts is to start by creating a guest list, this is important as it tells you the number of return gifts to get and sets your budget too. Keep the age group of the guests in mind while buying the return gifts. Remember, kids of different age groups and different friend circles have varied interests. Luckily, your kid’s interests align with their friend circle, so that makes it easier for you to round up on return gift options. 

Best Return Gift Ideas For Birthday Party

Here are some of the Berrytree’s picks for the best return gifts for birthday parties with links to similar products: 


You can never go wrong with these cute digital watches! This is a classic option when it comes to return gifts for birthday parties, digital watches can be a great gift option as it works for all age groups and is budget-friendly. These battery-operated digital watches become a sort of statement piece in a friend group and make for an awesome return gift.  These watches online are often found in bulk either in a set of 6,12 or 24. This makes it a little easy on your budget. 

This set of 24 digital watches is a perfect example, it’s available on Amazon right now!

These set of 6 ‘smart’ watches are great too!

Art Kits

Every kid has an amazing imagination the best way to supplement their deep imagination is by giving them art kits. These return gifts for birthday parties are a little bit on the fancier side but they make for amazing return gifts, especially if you find it in bulk you can fit it right into your budget. Be it watercolours or DIY craft kits, all of these art kits suit the purpose. These are the perfect return gifts for the age group of 3 to 5-year-olds.

This DIY butterfly craft kit is the perfect example and it is available on Amazon in a set of 6 pieces, making it worth the price. 

Another great example is this awesome palette style watercolour set for kids!

Just for Fun

This category includes those miscellaneous yet fun items that kids love. From glow in the dark pens to colourful sunglasses. These make for the best return gifts for birthday parties as they are fun, quirky, awesome and budget-friendly! 

This invisible ink pen is the best example of this! It’ll become a favourite amongst you kid and their friend circle in no time as kids think that they are secret agents with these pens and come up with secret adventures and mystery codes.

Another classic example is these amazing sunglasses. Not only are they budget-friendly but they also provide some UV protection and are available in a wide variety of assorted colours and designs which is suitable for your child's friend group. This return gift for birthday parties is suitable for all age groups!

Gift Baskets

    This is great for parties that are bigger and have a set theme! These gift baskets are extremely well-curated return gifts for birthday parties and make for signature and classy gifts. 

    Some of our picks include: 

    1. This beautifully curated gift basket for girls that is a 7 in 1 combo gift basket, which keeps the kids entertained and happy for hours on end. It contains fun gifts like Pen, Pencil, Erasers, Sharpener, Flexible Scale, Hairpins and Slime. 

    2. This amazing premium gift basket for boys that contains 8 awesome gifts in total. This keeps them amused and makes them enjoy themselves. It contains Smiley head pen Puzzle, Sharpener, Pouch, Snake puzzle toy, Sunglasses, Crayon Eraser, Stacking pencil, and Assorted Paper Boxes. 

      These gift boxes are a great way to go all out for your little kid at their birthday parties!

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